Featherweight World Championship Rematch Headlines


Saturday, January 28 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena

in Las Vegas


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LOS ANGELES (December 1, 2016) – Featherweight world champion Carl Frampton and former three-division world champion Leo Santa Cruz went face-to-face in Los Angeles Thursday along with lightweight world champion Dejan Zlaticanin and undefeated former two-division world champion Mikey Garcia in advance of their respective showdowns Saturday, January 28 in a Premier Boxing Champions event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and live on SHOWTIME.


The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING doubleheader begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT with Zlaticanin vs. Garcia. For Frampton and Santa Cruz, Thursday’s event was the second press conference promoting their highly anticipated rematch as the featherweights spoke to media in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Tuesday at the Europa Hotel.


Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by Ringstar Sports in association with Cyclone Promotions and TGB Promotions, are priced at $504, $404, $304, $204, $104 and $54, and are on sale now. Tickets are available at


After the Belfast press conference, the fighters and their teams flew to the U.S. to meet with the media at an open to the public event at the outdoor plaza at the Los Angeles Central Public Library.


Here is what the participants had to say at the two events:



From Los Angeles:

“This rematch with Leo Santa Cruz is going to be an amazing one. The first one was considered a ‘Fight of the Year’ and I don’t think this can be any different. We’re going to kick-off 2017 with a bang.


“Leo is an amazing fighter and I want to thank him for giving me the chance to fight for his title in July. I was more than happy to give him the rematch straight away. These are the types of fights I want to be involved in.


“I thought I won the first fight. I don’t think it was controversial at all. I think I won the fight by three or four rounds. They were definitely close, competitive rounds, but I think I was doing more to win rounds and get the nod. This one is going to be more of the same.


“Las Vegas is obviously a bit closer to home for Leo and I’m sure he’ll bring a lot of fans. But I’m bringing at least 4,000 from the UK. Right now I’m the most well-supported fighter in the UK. It’s a great privilege for me.


“When I fight people, I feel like I improve the second time. I have a good boxing brain and I can adapt to different situations. The only person I’ve fought twice as a pro was Kiko Martinez and the second time I fought him I won comfortably. Because I learned from the first fight. I know everything about Leo. He fights the same way every single time.


“I think our styles just gel really well together. You can expect a great night with a really huge undercard from start to finish.


“I know his training may not have been as focused last time as it could have been because of his father. I expect a better Leo Santa Cruz. But in terms of how he fights, I think he’ll fight the same way. It’s a good way to fight and it’s gotten him far. He usually wears people down, but I have serious punching power and that again could be the difference.


“If you want people to remember you in 20 or 30 years’ time, you need to fight guys like Leo Santa Cruz. We’ve already been working very hard in the gym and we’re going to do whatever it takes to make sure I remain the champion and bring the title back home to Ireland.”


From Belfast:

“It’s always good to be here in Belfast and see the people. It’s good for them to see great fighters like Leo Santa Cruz in their hometown.


“This is going to be a dream come true. It won’t all sink in until I’m out there and ready to perform. Las Vegas is the mecca of boxing. It’s where all the big names go. I’m expecting a big support base from all over the UK and Ireland on January 28.


“I feel like no matter who I fight, I always get better the second time. I have a good boxing brain and I can adapt to my opponent’s style and use it to my advantage. If you’ve seen me in sparring, if I have a dodgy performance, you know I will get better the second time.


“I know how Leo fights, and he knows how I fight. But I can adapt and make changes. I can be a bit more clever than I was last time. I got dragged into the fight more than I wanted to.


“Headlining in New York against a great fighter like Leo Santa Cruz was a dream come true. Now I have the opportunity to go to Las Vegas, where Leo has fought a few times. It’ll be his first time in the main event there as well and I’m just excited to get out there and feel the buzz of fight week.


“I think this fight could be even better. I gave him his first loss and I’m sure he’s going to come looking for his revenge. But I’m training very hard. I’m in good shape for this point in camp.


“There’s no doubt that Leo went through a difficult time with his father’s illness. I also know that Leo trained very hard anyway. He threw about a thousand punches last fight and was throwing all the way to the end. You can’t throw much more than that so I don’t think he’s going to improve his work rate.


“I believe he’ll come up with a different game plan but I genuinely believe that I’ll be able to deal with anything he brings to the ring. It’s not going to be an easy fight, but I’ll do whatever it takes to win and I believe I will.


“Leo Santa Cruz is a tough fighter with a solid chin. But I believe that if I hit any featherweight, or super featherweight, with a clean shot, that I can knock them out. If I’m a little bit cleaner, then I could knock him out. But I’ll be prepared to go a hard 12 rounds.


“I believe if I use my brain a little bit more in this one, and don’t get dragged into his fight, that I can win it more convincingly. But there will be times in this fight where I’ll just have to bite down and fight for my life.


“I’m prepared for anything. I’m ready to keep this title in Belfast and then I’m going to return here for a show in Belfast in the summer.”




From Los Angeles:

“Carl Frampton is a great fighter. He has the respect of the fans because he has proven that he’s a great champion. I know it’s going to be another very close and exciting fight.


“We both train really hard for our families and for the fans. We want to give you all a great show. I know that this rematch is going to be very tough.


“I learned from the first fight that every little mistake really matters. One or two could really cost you. I trained hard but without my dad he wasn’t pressuring me like I’m used to. Those things come back to haunt you. It hurt, but it taught me that I have to leave it all in the ring and work every day for what I want.


“We’re going to be mentally and physically ready. I’m getting more motivation from having him there. We’ll be making some little changes and we’re going to do a lot better.


“I’m motivated to get my belt back. I was a champion and now I’m a former champion. That makes me unhappy. We’re going to train hard and do our best to become a champion again.


“We’re going to go to the gym and train hard to make this fight even better than the first one.”


From Belfast:

“This is a very nice city and when I knew there would be a rematch, I wanted to come to Belfast. This is the first time I’ve been to Europe.


“It was a very hard fight and right after it was over, the first thing that came to my head was a rematch.


“Las Vegas is a lot closer to my hometown and I feel very comfortable fighting there. Carl Frampton has a lot of fans though, and they’re going to fly over to Vegas. I think it will be a pretty even crowd and I don’t see it as an advantage for anyone.


“It was a pretty close fight the first time. When you’re in the ring you’re only worried about fighting. It could have gone either way. I thought being the champion, that it should have gone my way. But I won’t take anything away from Frampton. We’re looking to the future and beating him in the rematch.


“The fans here have made me feel very welcome since the first fight. I feel comfortable here. I’m excited to be here in Belfast with these great fans.


“I was disappointed but it was a very close fight the first time. He had the bigger crowd and the Irish people would scream for everything he did. It was a really good close fight though. I really think it could have gone either way.


“Carl Frampton is a great fighter and I knew it would be a tough fight. I didn’t get to train for that fight like I was supposed to. My father was going through cancer treatment so I wasn’t 100 percent in the training. I was thinking about my dad’s health and he was only really there for the last three weeks of camp. We’re going to have a great game plan and it’s going to be another tough fight, but we’re looking to get the victory.


“If you watched the first fight you know that it was a great fight. The second one is going to be even better. I took my first defeat. He’s a great fighter, but I want to win this rematch. If I win the rematch, I’m fine bringing the third fight of the trilogy to Belfast.”



“Everyone thinks that Garcia is a pound-for-pound star but I want to tell everyone that I’m going to win this fight.


“Everything in preparations has been going great. I’ll be 100% ready on January 28. This is the fight of my life. I have to be ready and we’re right on track.


“I always respected fighters like Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. or a fighter like Mike Tyson because whoever they were supposed to fight they fought. I’m the same way, an old school fighter who’s willing to fight anybody.


“I came up the hard way, and sometimes I thought I might never get this opportunity. I’ve been in some really tough fights where people gave me no chance to win, but now I’m a world champion.


“To be the first world champion from Montenegro is historic. I think it’s made me a national hero in the country and I’m honored. The people in my country love me and I love them back.


“When I beat Mikey Garcia that will make me an even bigger star. I think Mikey is a good puncher, and he has good timing, but I can hit him easily and I’m planning to knock him out.”


“Mikey will have a big opponent in front of him. He needs to run around the ring because I’m going to come for him. You will see me defend my title and you will enjoy it.”



“I’m thankful to everyone who came out. I was down for over two years, but it seems like no one has forgotten about me. We’re looking for big things. I want to pick up right where I left off.


“I’m really happy to have been given this opportunity to claim a world title in a third division. This is going to be an amazing fight. He’s a hungry world champion. He’s very dangerous. These are the kind of fights that I want. This is what I need to prove myself.


“This is only the beginning. This is going to be a huge year for me. I want to win multiple titles and maybe conquer multiple divisions this year.


“I haven’t fought in Vegas since 2012 but I expect the fans to be out there supporting. This is a big stage and a night of great fights. This is a great opportunity to become a world champion in another weight class.


“I’ve known Leo Santa Cruz since the amateur days. We get to share the stage again on July 30 and I’m looking forward to another good shot. I can’t ask for anything more.


“My brother and my dad watch more film than I do. I only like to watch a couple rounds of my opponent. So I’ve seen what Dejan has. During the fight I’ll listen to my corner and make adjustments. He’s a young, undefeated champion for a reason. I want him to be at his best because that will bring out my A-game.


“My body feels really good right now. I think this is going to be a great division for me. I don’t think the weight will affect me in any way.


“This is going to be a great show. I’m going to give everything that the fans want to see. I’m sure my opponent will do the same. I want to take on the biggest challenges and I’m ready to make those fights happen. I want to give the fans the fights they want. The best of my career is yet to come.”


BARRY MCGUIGAN, Frampton’s Manager, Former World Champion & Hall of Famer

From Los Angeles:

“It’s great to be here in Los Angeles for such a great occasion. Dejan, Mikey, Leo and Carl are all incredible fighters and it really is going to be a magnificent show.


“These are two amazing fighters. If they fought every day of the week, and twice on Sunday, every single fight would be close. I just think that Carl has the edge in innate boxing intelligence. He is more versatile and a naturally bigger guy than Leo. We have to get him into the best shape of his life.


“Carl is going to have to turn it up on fight night and we know that Leo will turn it up as well. He’ll put the pressure on him. I believe it will be at least as good of a fight as last time.


“We’re going to have a fabulous night on January 28 and I have to say it again, we will be winning.”


From Belfast:

“You boxing fans here in Belfast are the best supporters in the world, we have no doubt about it, and we’re going to go to Las Vegas to make sure we win again and win more convincingly.”


RICHARD SCHAEFER, Chairman & CEO of Ringstar Sports

From Los Angeles:

“When you mix these two together, you know it has to be another ‘Fight of the Year’ candidate. These two guys could fight 10 times and every time it would be a ‘Fight of the Year’, and probably a very close decision. These are our modern day gladiators.


“These are exciting matchups where you really don’t know who’s going to win. This is what the fans like to see. These are closely matched fights, for the fans. That is exactly what you will see on January 28.


“Dejan vs. Mikey is the most significant matchup in the lightweight division. There is no question about it. It’s an extremely dangerous fight. It’s playing with fire for Mikey. I can pretty much assure you that this fight will end in a knockout. This is easily a main event on its own.


“I believe that Mikey Garcia is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. But to get there and to stay there, you have to face fighters like Dejan. This just shows what Mikey is made of.


From Belfast:

“I was fortunate to promote many of Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather’s fights, but whenever I am here, I can feel the passion that you fans here bring to the sport. You elevate these fighters to do better. At Barclays Center we saw you there cheering on your guy.


“Tickets are available as low as fifty dollars. I don’t think that’s a bad idea in January, to go from cold Ireland to warm Las Vegas. There are many reasons to go out there, but this fight is the biggest reason to go.


“It’s a rematch of the ‘Fight of the Year’ and I’m very proud to be able to promote this fight together along with Barry McGuigan. I thank all of the fans here again for the passion you bring to the sport of boxing.”


SHANE MCGUIGAN, Frampton’s Trainer

From Los Angeles:

“These are two really good fighters. As Richard said, this would be a great fight 10 times out of 10. Leo had a lot of distractions in training camp with his father’s health and I think he will be a better fight the second time.


“That was Carl Frampton’s first time fighting at 126-pounds, so he had a lot of new experiences leading up to the last fight. They both learned in the first fight and I think they will both be able to give a little bit more the second time. The fans will be the ones to enjoy the action.


“Training camp has been going great.


From Belfast:

“I don’t know who was lucky enough to see the first fight between these two, but it was really a great one. Carl got dragged into Leo’s fight at times, but with that came excitement.


“I think this fight we’re going to win a lot more convincingly, cement the win and then move on. I’m extremely excited about it.


“To see how far Carl has come is phenomenal. I hope people will buy a ticket and come out to support. He needs that support and I hope to see you all out there.”


ALEX VAYSFELD, Zlaticanin’s Manager

“It was a very hard uphill road for Dejan to get where he was going. He had to fight a lot of different places and fight people that he wasn’t supposed to beat, in other people’s minds. But he won.


“Dejan knows how to be an underdog and he knows how to calm a favorite. I guarantee you that Dejan knows every aspect of Garcia’s game. When he steps into that ring, you will all see something amazing.


“Mikey is going to bring his best, Dejan is going to bring his best and of the fans are going to be in for an amazing fight.”


ROBERT GARCIA, Mikey’s Brother & Trainer

“I consider Leo Santa Cruz a great fighter and a friend. Carl Frampton is another great fighter and it’s fantastic to be part of a card with such a big main event.


“This was a very easy fight to make. Mikey said yes right away. He wanted to fight for a title and he got it. Mikey isn’t going to hold back. He wants to keep moving up and challenging big names. He wants to be remembered as one of the best fighters in the world. Mikey wants to give the fans the best fights out there.


“I don’t have any second thoughts about this fight because I believe in Mikey. We’re preparing to become the lightweight champion of the world.


“Mikey is training hard. He’s going to be ready on January 28 and prepared to give everybody a great fight.”


STEPHEN ESPINOZA, Executive VP & General Manager, SHOWTIME Sports

“SHOWTIME has without question delivered the strongest lineup of any network in boxing. We are looking for the best fighters fighting the best. Top tier fighters against top tier fighters. This is what we have here today.


“Our main event has Carl Frampton, who for my money is the 2016 ‘Fighter of the Year.’ He defeated two undefeated world champions to unify 122-pounds and pick up a title at 126-pounds. There is no fighter who has done what he has in 2016.


“Leo Santa Cruz is a three-division world champion. He’s always entertaining. His Abner Mares was the ‘Fight of the Year’ in 2015 and his fight this year with Carl was my ‘2016 Fight of the Year.’ I think his fight on January 28 will be another one.


“The co-main event is really worthy of being a main event of its own. For those of you who don’t know Dejan Zlaticanin, he’s a fighter that nobody wants to fight. He’s one of the most avoided fighters in the lightweight division. He’s a power puncher who’s very aggressive. No one except Mikey Garcia. He’s looking for a world title in a third division and he’s no doubt a top 10 pound-for-pound fighter in the world. These guys were so anxious to fight that we put it on the card on January 28 and the fans get a real treat.


“We have four top tier fighters. This is the best in the sport, coming together on one card. As Richard suggested, the combined record of these fighters is 112 wins and 1 loss. These are four of the most skilled fighters in the sport. It’s a special night. You shouldn’t miss it.”


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Knockout at the D


Oscar Cantu vs. Aston Palicte

Twin-title fight headlines Dec. 17th

“Knockout Night at the D” card 

Live on CBS Sports Network &

From the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

LAS VEGAS (December 1, 2016) – A super flyweight twin-title fight between undefeated Oscar Cantu and “Mighty” Aston Palicte headlines the final 2016 installment of the popular “Knockout Night at the D” series on Saturday night, December 17, airing live (7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET) on CBS Sports Network from inside the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center indoor facility, located in the heart of the downtown Las Vegas casino district, one block away from the world famous Fremont Street (200 S. 3rd St.). will live stream the Dec. 17th “Knockout Night at the D” undercard worldwide, starting at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET), in addition to three main card TV bouts – excluding North America – beginning at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET).

Cantu will defend his North American Boxing Federation (NABF) super flyweight title against Palicite.  The vacant World Boxing Organization (WBO) Inter-Continental super flyweight championship will also be contested in the 10-round main event.

“The Cantu-Palicte fight is a classic match-up between a boxer and puncher,” Roy Jones Jr. Boxing Promotions co-founder/CEO Keith Veltre said.  “It’s for two title belts and the winner will be positioned for a possible world title shot in 2017.  Our final event of the year promises to be our best yet with evenly matched, entertaining fights that our ‘Knockout Night at the D’ series is known for with tomorrow’s stars up-and-down the card.”

The “Knockout Night at the D” series, presented by the D Las Vegasand Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, is promoted by Roy Jones Jr. (RJJ) Boxing Promotions.

Jim “J.R.” Ross and Joey Varner will call the action live from ringside, while Jeff Huston will be the ring announcer and fight week master of ceremonies.

The 25-year-old Cantu (14-0, 1 KO), fighting out of Kingsville, Texas, is a pure boxer who is the reigning North American Boxing Federation (NABF) champion, ranked No. 3 by the WBO North American Boxing Organization (NABO) and No. 6 by the NABA.  He is a belt collector having been the former NABF Junior super flyweight, World Boxing Council (WBC) Youth Intercontinental bantamweight and World Boxing Council (WBC) United States super flyweight title holder.

In his last fight, this past May at home in Kingsville, Cantu captured the vacant NABF flyweight title with a 10-round split decision victory over Samuel Gutierrez. Cantu’s most notable win to date is a 10-round split decision against previously undefeated Juan Antonio Lopez (10-0) in 2014 for the vacant WBC Youth Intercontinental bantamweight crown.

Palicte, who will be making his US debut Dec. 17 having resettled in Los Angeles, where he’s training at the famed Wild Card Gym, to enhance his boxing career.  Palicte has fought only once outside of his native Philippines as a professional.  He has an experience advantage over Cantu in terms of fighting higher quality opponents.  World rated at No. 11 by the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and No. 15 by the WBO, Palicte captured the vacant IBF Pan Pacific super flyweight championship this past June in his most recent fight, stopping Vergilio Silvano (21-6-1) in the seventh round of their rematch, which was also won by Palicte via a 12-round unanimous decision a year ago for the vacant WBO Oriental super flyweight title.

The heavy-handed Palicte, who has knocked out 18 of his 21 victims, is rated No. 5 by the NABF and No. 15 by the NABA. Palicte, 25, also owns his share of title belts, including the IBF Youth super flyweight strap.  In Palicte’s only pro fight outside of his native Philippines, he lost a highly disputed 10-round split decision (97-94, 93-97, 94-97) last March to local favorite Junior Granados (14-4-1) in Mexico.

Chilean junior middleweight champion Angelo Baez (15-0-1, 11 KOs) takes on Jamaican-native Nathaniel Gallimore (15-1-1, 12 KOs), fighting out of Evanston, Illinois, in the eight-round co-feature.

Undefeated welterweight Flavio Rodriguez (5-0, 4 KOs) faces Mexican invader Dilan “El Terrible” Loza (5-0, 3 KOs) in the six-round television opener.

Las Vegas’ terrific trio of undefeated promising prospects – 20-year-old junior lightweight Randy “El Matador” Moreno (7-0, 6 KOs), 26-year-old welterweight Jeremy “J-Flash” Nichols (7-0, 2 KOs) and 18-year-old bantamweight Max “The Baby-Faced Assassin” Ornelas (6-0, 3 KOs) – are all scheduled to be on action Dec. 17th.

Additional fights will soon be announced.  All fights and fighters are subject to change.

Tickets, priced at $1,000.00 VIP booth (includes 15 admissions), $50.00 VIP ringside, $25.00 and $15.00 general admission, are on sale at or  Taxes and fees apply to all sold tickets.

Doors open at 4:00 p.m. PT with the opening bout scheduled at 5:00 p.m. PT.

The “Knockout Night at the D” series was developed in partnership with the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center and Neon Star Media.




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Follow these fighters on Twitter:  @AstonPalicte, @_RandyMoreno, @JFlashGang, @Ornelas_Max

RIVAL BOXING GEAR & EQUIPMENT is the official gloves partner for the “Knockout Night at the D” series., @rivalboxinggear

About the D Las Vegas:  the D Las Vegas delivers the fresh, energetic attitude and fun atmosphere synonymous with downtown Las Vegas. The new casino hotel boasts 629 remodeled rooms and suites and a unique two-level casino featuring modern and vintage floors. Cocktails, beer and frozen beverages abound inside the casino at LONGBAR and on the Fremont Street Experience at D Bar.  the D offers contemporary American fare at D Grill, Detroit’s legendary Coney Dogs at American Coney Island and premium steaks and authentic Italian dishes at Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse. The Showroom at the D Las Vegas features outstanding entertainment ranging from award-winning dinner theater and Broadway productions to music, comedy and more. Follow the D on Facebook and Twitter.

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LINCOLN, R.I. (Dec. 1st, 2016) – Listed below are the weights of all the participants in Friday night’s CES Boxing 2016 Twin River Casino Fight Series season finale at Twin River Casino, scheduled for Dec. 2nd beginning at 7 p.m. ET.



Providence, R.I. (New London, Conn.)

18-1, 1 KO




Novato, Calif.





Providence, R.I.

19-1, 13 KOs




Mexico City, Mexico

28-20, 14 KOs

128 ½



Providence, R.I.

2-0, 1 KO




Martinsville, Va.





Worcester, Mass.

4-0-1, 3 KOs

167 ½



New Brunswick, Canada

9-0-1, 7 KOs




New Bedford, Mass.

5-0, 1 KO




Lewiston, Maine


152 ½



New London, Conn. (Worcester, Mass.)

2-0, 2 KOs




Durham, N.C.

3-4, 2 KOs

144 ½



Lynn, Mass.

Pro debut




Somerville, Mass.

Pro debut

147 ½



East Hartford, Conn.


141 ½



Washington, D.C.




– CES –


Michael Parente, Classic Entertainment & Sports, (401) 263-4990 or

Kim Ward, Twin River Casino, (401) 475-8352 or

Michael Parente Director of Boxing Operations

Classic Entertainment & Sports C: 401.263.4990

F: 855-850-2866

MONTE CARLO, Monaco (December 1, 2016)- Team Russia parlayed its recent European Championship domination into a repeat performance at this past weekend’s World MMA Championship, by sweeping all seven weight classes in Studio City, Macau, China.

Close to 100 fighters competed, representing 23 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Australia, Belgian, China, Colombia, France, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Tajikistan, Germany, Hungary, Macao, Nepal, India, South Korea, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Chinese Taipei and Italy.

Russian middleweight Gamzat Hiramagomedov and light heavyweight Magomed Ankalayev are repeat world champions.

In team scoring, Asian team champion Kazakhstan won two Silver and four Bronze medals, Ukraine two Silver and two Bronze, Czech Republic one Silver and two Bronze, Chinas one Silver and two Bronze, Kyrgyzstan two Bronze, and one Bronze for France, India, Spain and Moldova.

“I would like to thank each athlete of our National MMA Team, our coaches, doctors and all the Russian MMA Union employees,” said MMA living legend Fedor Emelianenko, WMMAA honorary president and president of the Russian MMA Union. “The fighters had a long way, put in a lot of effort, and made it to the top. Despite an ever-growing competition level, our athletes achieved 100-percent of the set goals thanks to a great training camp, fight strategy and their spirit.

“We are proud to have two-time world champions in Magomed Ankalayev and Gamzat Hiramagomedov.  It’s a pleasure to follow the fighters’ personal evolution from fight to fight. The world champions will receive their accolades of Sports Master of International Level.”

Here’s a breakdown of results from each weight class:

BANTAMWEIGHT DIVISION: -61.2 kg (135 lbs.)

  1. Omar Nurmagomedov (Russia)
  2. Artur Mykytenko (Czech Republic)
  3. Mirat Bekishev (Kazakhstan)
  4. Chun Bo Yuan (China)

FEATHERWEIGHT DIVISION: -65.8 kg (145 lbs.)

  1. Kurban Taigibov(Russia)
  2. Elnur Veliev (Ukraine)
  3. Uulu Mustafa Rakhmatilla (Kyrgyzstan)
  4. Roman Molodij (France)

LIGHTWEIGHT DIVISION: -70.3 kg (154 lbs.)

  1. Murad Ramazanov(Russia)
  2. Sheng Liu (China)
  3. Altynbek Bakhtygeldinov (Kazakhstan)
  4. Leos Brichta (Czech Republic)

WELTERWEIGHT DIVISION: -77.1 kg (170 lbs.)

  1. Alibeg Rasulov(Russia)
  2. Goyta Dazaev (Kazakhstan)
  3. Syed Abdul Nazzeur Ibrahim (India)
  4. Uulu Tologon Rakhmanberdi (Kyrgyzstan)

MIDDLEWEIGHT DIVISION: -84 kg (185 lbs.)

  1. Gamzat Khiramagomedov(Russia)
  2. Idris Gezalov (Ukraine)
  3. Murad Abdurahmanov (Kazakhstan)
  4. Rong Fan (China)


  1. Magomed Ankalaev(Russia)
  2. Robert Lau (Germany)
  3. Erkinbek Inzhel (Kazakhstan)
  4. Darwin Rodriguez (Spain)

HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION: +93 kg (+205 lbs.)

  1. Amirkhan Isagadzhiev (Russia)
  2. Alimzhan Suleimanov (Kazakhstan)
  3. Viktor Pavlichek (Czech Republic)
  4. Nicolae Scorohod (Moldova)



Twitter:  @theWMMAA

Instagram: @worldmmaa

ABOUT WMMAA:  The goal of the World MMA Association is to provide unbiased structure and guardrail the growth of MMA as the official world governing body for Mixed Martial Arts.  A non-profit organization founded in 2012, WMMAA is on a mission to develop a standardized and regulated organization, including competition, training, officiating, testing and growth when necessary.  More than 50 countries have been granted WMMAA membership.CONTACT: Bob Trieger, Full Court PRESS, 1.978.590.0470, @FightPublicist

Unique Fighter of Polish & Nigerian Descent Brings

Style, Strength and Power Into Heavyweight Division;

Will Make U.S. Debut in 2017


LAS VEGAS – December 1, 2016 – Haymon Boxing today announced that undefeated Polish heavyweight contender Izuagbe Ugonoh, has entered into an advisory agreement with Haymon Sports, LLC. Ugonoh, considered by many to be one of the division’s most unique and fast-rising international stars, is ready for the next step in the heavyweight landscape.


“This is my moment and 2017 is my year,” Ugonoh said. “I want to challenge myself and show the world how good I am. I believe the heavyweight division is wide open right now, and the top fighters are going to bring the best out of me. If I do what I’m supposed to do, I can see myself fighting for a world championship in the next 18 months.”


Ugonoh’s U.S. debut will take place in early 2017, with the opponent and venue to be determined.


The 30-year-old Ugonoh was born in Szczecin, Poland, to Nigerian parents, has a 17-0 record with 14 knockouts and is a former Polish kickboxing champion who took up boxing in 2010.


“Ugonoh fits in well with the current group of young heavyweights who are vying for supremacy in a division stacked with talent,” said Tim Smith, VP of Communication for Haymon Boxing. “We’re excited that he has selected Haymon Boxing to help him pursue his career aspirations.”


Ugonoh is trained by Kevin Barry, cornerman for heavyweight contender Joseph Parker and former heavyweight title challenger David Tua. Ugonoh has been training and fighting out of New Zealand with Barry for the last two years, as well as with Parker, who will meet Andy Ruiz for the vacant WBO heavyweight title in New Zealand on Dec. 17.


“We’ve had eight fights together. They’ve all been in New Zealand. He’s destroyed everything that we’ve put in front of him,” Barry said. “He’s been hugely responsible for the development of Joseph Parker. He’s a very gifted athlete. I could see that from the get go. With Joseph Parker getting his chance for a world title, now it’s Izu’s time to take his path to the world title.”


Ugonoh says he plans to train in Las Vegas, fight out of the U.S. and represent Poland.


“I was born in Poland. My family lives in Poland. I will always represent Poland,” Ugonoh said.


Ugonoh has a master’s degree from Jedrzej Sniadecki School of Physical Education and Sports in Gdansk, Poland. Focusing on becoming an elite, all-around fighter, he trained in kickboxing, boxing and martial arts.


Not afraid to step out of his realm, Ugonoh was a contestant on the past season of “Dancing With the Stars” in Poland, making it to the final two rounds.


“It was a lot of work,” he said. “I trained for 35 hours a week to dance for 1 minute 15 seconds on the show. Dancing was more work than boxing,” he laughed. “People laugh when I say that because they think I’m joking, but it was as much work as training camp. One of the key benefits is it improved my footwork in the ring.”


Now Ugonoh is ready to waltz to the top of the heavyweight division.


“I want to get to the big stage. New Zealand has 4 million people. Poland has 40 million people,” Ugonoh said. “The next step is to go to America, and the right people to go with is Haymon Boxing. We want to work with the best. I’m dedicated and hardworking. Right now it’s about finding the right people to be with to get to where I want to be.”


About Premier Boxing Champions

Premier Boxing Champions is a live boxing series created for TV and cable by Haymon Sports, LLC. The series features the greatest array of international boxing talent in all weight divisions, with fighters representing over 10 countries including the United States and Mexico. From former Olympians to Champions of all nationalities, the series can be seen on over 10 networks in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the U.K.



Swanson Communications: (202) 783-5500

Tim Smith, Premier Boxing Champions:

Hanna Bolte, Bolte Media:; 310-497-5586





Click Here for Audio Recording!



NEW YORK (November 30, 2016)-Ahead of the highly anticipated “Final 1” battle between Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins and Joe Smith Jr., the fighters, along with their promoters Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions and Joe DeGuardia, President and CEO of Star Boxing, held a media conference call with a Q&A session for the media. Hopkins vs. Smith will be airing live on December 17th on HBO World Championship Boxing® beginning at 10 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. PT from the “Fabulous” Forum.


Below is what the fighters and their promoters had to say on the conference call:


Click here for full audio recording of the conference call.


OSCAR DE LA HOYA, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions:


“On December 17, a boxing legend will enter the ring for the final time as Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins, at 51 years young, steps into the ring at the Fabulous Forum against Joe Smith Jr., a rising contender in the light heavyweight division who was born three years after Bernard took his first fight. This fight can be seen live on HBO World Championship Boxing on Saturday, December 17.


“At 51 years young, Bernard is not fighting someone who is not a walk in the park. Joe Smith has every opportunity to take control of the fight and win. Hopkins is the type of man to challenge himself and fight the very best. This fight with Joe Smith is a very difficult fight. That is why Bernard Hopkins is a living legend, because he is willing to take on the best and challenge himself. On Dec 17th, Bernard will make history. We are calling it the “Final 1″ and from top to bottom it will be exciting, thrilling, and final fight. It is our plan to end the year of 2016 with a huge bang.”


BERNARD HOPKINS, Future Hall of Famer, Two Division World Champion:


“I want to thank Golden Boy Promotions and HBO that helped put together this legendary fight. It is definitely fighting action from top to bottom. I am very ready to have a final one. I’m in a competition with myself. To stay fresh in the game and to stay fresh in my mind on my end.


“I am challenging myself, as Oscar had mentioned, with Joe Smith Jr. who is one of the best options out there. I am ready, and we are on the final stretch. I’m feeling great as most fighters would say as they are about to get in the ring. I am telling you all to bring your notepads, because come December 17, I am about to bring the textbook about boxing. That’s what I’m going to show you all, so you can see it on Primetime. I am looking forward to the final 1. There will be no more like me.


“Even though I defeated John David Jackson, he is the very best out there and we wanted him in my corner. JDJ is much overlooked, but he is one of the top 3 or 4 trainers. He has known me since I was a younger fighter trying to make it into boxing. If you look at the craftsman ship of JDJ, when you see that a guy not only has the tools, the way to use them in the ring, and you as a fighter have the confidence and trust in your teacher-you’re in great hands. He’s been representing that for many years. We felt that it was a perfect transition, the transition in us knowing each other and working together… When you give your teacher – your coach — all that he wants while you train, come fight night he can give you what you need when you most need it.


“I am done. This will be the “Final 1”. Whether it was JDJ or Naazim [Richardson] in my corner, I will not fight, even if I feel that I can do a lot more. On December 17th, I want to give a performance where you beg me to stay, and it’s a challenge that Joe Smith will have to take on. For fighters to show their greatness, they need someone to bring it out. Timing is everything, and I am doing it in my calculation. I proved a bunch of people wrong already. There is no stone that has not been unturned, meaning that when I look back, I would have done everything that I wanted to.


“I’m also from a union, the state corrections union – it’s a brotherly hood, and some of the best diamonds come from under the rock. These are some of the base of fans for me – especially the young aspiring boxers who I tell to watch me.


“I’m in a competition with myself. When you reach this level of professionalism, you have done things that most fighters, especially the young fighters haven’t done yet. I want to overdo myself. Joe Smith is a hard puncher, he won’t run, is a union guy, he won’t lay back, and he won’t try not to execute me. However, Joe smith has to be trained to pass 4, 5, 6 different styles that I will utilize in the ring, and he is going to have to be smart.


“I will be the matrix, I will be the executioner. I will be everything that I need to be to win. The sweet science is something that I’ve always been addicted too. My fight will be like watching the last game of Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.


“After this fight, I will be taking a larger role at Golden Boy Promotions. I will also be doing color commentating, and segments on the fight game. You can call me Houdini – I can do many things.”


JOE DEGUARDIA, President and CEO of Star Boxing:


“It’s a pleasure, we want to thank Golden Boy for giving us and Joe the opportunity for this fight. We echo the thoughts and sentiments about this December 17 fight. Bernard Hopkins is a real legend, and it is a privilege to be in this fight with HBO, a great network. Looking forward, Bernard is going to be taking on a real hungry lion like Joe Smith. He is going to be up for a real surprise. I am proud to be associated with this fight. Joe won the WBC International Title against Andrzej Fonfara earlier this year and is pleased he will be defending it against Bernard.


“Joe Smith Jr. is symbolic of the American spirit – working with the sledge hammer, a proud part of the union-and will bring all that hard work to the Forum. After Joe Smith Jr. wins this fight, yes,  many doors will open, but he has to get through Bernard Hopkins first. Once he does that, every door in the world is his.


“The unions all have Joe on the agenda, and many different unions are supporting him. The support has been tremendous-it is one of their own who is representing them in the ring.”


JOE SMITH JR., WBC International Light Heavyweight Champion:


“I want to thank HBO, Golden Boy, and Star Boxing. We have been training hard and are ready for what is to come. I am mentally preparing for everything that Bernard Hopkins has for me. The date is almost here, and I am ready to put on a great show.”


“I am prepared to go 12 rounds, he is a tough guy. If I get the opportunity to take him out, I will do that. I go into every fight the same way; whether it is a legend or a nobody that is standing in front of me, they have the potential to hurt me. Each fight I push myself a little harder.


“We are always training and preparing the same like we do for all our fights-I don’t do anything different. When the call came for the title fight, I was working for the labor union, and trained for two months straight and that resulted in a win. The same thing happened when I got the call for this fight. I have been training in Long Island, so I have traveled to spar with different fighters throughout the area. I believe that I have some of the best jabs in boxing. Most of my fights end early, so I don’t get to show off my boxing capabilities. I think most people will be impressed by my boxing performance as I take on Bernard.


“To fight someone well known like Bernard is a privilege. I will be bringing my best, and will make sure that he doesn’t return. I will make sure he exits my way.”


Hopkins vs. Smith is a 12-round light heavyweight battle presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Star Boxing and sponsored by Cerveza Tecate, BORN BOLD and Casa Mexico Tequila. The event will be televised live on Saturday December 17, 2016 from Inglewood California’s “Fabulous” Forum on HBO’s flagship series beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.


Tickets for Hopkins vs. Smith are now on sale and are priced at $25, $50, $75, $105 and $205, not including applicable service charges and taxes, with a total ticket limit of 12 per person. To charge by phone with a major credit card, call Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000 or the Forum Box Office (Monday through Friday 11:00am PST to 7:00pm PST) at (310) 330-7300.  Tickets are also available for purchase at or


B-roll and images of Hopkins vs. Smith are available for use and download  HERE or by copying and pasting: Video and photo credit must be given to Golden Boy Promotions.


Cuellar & Mares Meet in Featherweight World Championship Showdown Saturday, December 10 from Galen Center at USC in Los Angeles & Live on SHOWTIME


Click HERE for Photos from Esther Lin/SHOWTIME 

Click HERE for Photos from Gene Blevins/TGB Promotions/

Premier Boxing Champions – Photos to be added shortly


LOS ANGELES (November 29, 2016) – Featherweight world champion Jesus Cuellar and former three-division world champion Abner Mares participated in a media workout in Los Angeles Tuesday in advance of their long awaited showdown taking place Saturday, December 10 from Galen Center in USC in Los Angeles and live on SHOWTIME.


Also in attendance Tuesday at City of Angels Boxing was former title challenger and local fan favorite Josesito Lopez, who competes in a welterweight bout on the undercard. The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING telecast begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and features junior middleweight world champion Jermall Charlo taking on top-rated challenger Julian Williams in a battle of undefeated rising stars in their prime.


Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by Ringstar Sports and TGB Promotions, are on sale now and are priced at $35, $50, $75, $150 and $200. To purchase tickets go to


Here is what the participants had to say Tuesday:



“The fight is here and I’m ready to step in the ring. I have defended my title six times already and I want to be the best in the division. He’s one of the best and I’m willing to challenge him.


“This is an important fight that I’ve wanted for a long time. It’s an important fight for my career and to prove to everyone how good I am.


“Abner Mares is a high level fighter. I have to beat him to reach the next level of this sport. That’s what I’m preparing to do.


“You’re going to see everything I’ve learned on December 10. I love to train hard and I’ve improved greatly as a fighter. I’m going to put it all together in the ring.


“There’s no pressure for me coming into this fight. I know that I’m in his backyard but I have the people of Argentina behind me. This is going to be a really good fight.


“I’m ready to go to war. I know Abner is ready and he has a goal in his mind. I’m ready to do what I have to do in the ring.


“It’s been almost a year. We came here in January to fight Mares and now the time is almost here to accomplish our goal.


“I have to go out there and do my job. I’m going to show Abner a lot of different things. I have a lot more skills than people give me credit for. It will all be on display in the ring.


“I know that I’m going to be at 100 percent. I’m more confident now than I’ve ever been that I’m prepared for this fight and I’m going to win.


“Freddie Roach is getting the best out of me. He knows what I like to do and he knows how to correct my mistakes. He’s doing a really good job in training camp.


“I’m working to go 12 rounds and end the night with a victory for Argentina. I came here to achieve a great victory for my country.”



“I’m so happy and excited to be fighting in Los Angeles and in my backyard again. SHOWTIME is the reason I’m famous.


“On paper I thought that Cuellar is probably going to be toughest, strongest fighter I’ve been in with. I can’t say for sure because we haven’t fought yet. But I know that he is a strong, powerful champion who is coming in to keep his title.


“There’s always a reason behind something bad that happens. In this case, me not being able to fight twice (due to postponements), it just gave me the opportunity to get to know Robert even better. I’ve had a whole year leading up to this fight. You will see a difference in me. I’m very eager and excited to fight.


“It’s going to be a tremendous fight. I think Cuellar only has one style, and that’s to rely on his power punches. He’s a come forward type of fighter that seems to always be looking for the knockout. But I’ve been known to give a fight too and make for great fights.


“My plan is to make the fight as easy for myself as possible. I feel I have the tools to give him different looks that maybe he hasn’t seen before against a fighter of my talents. For me to win another world title would mean the world to me. It would be an early Christmas present for me, my family and my friends.


“Coach Robert Garcia brings the discipline and the demanding voice of a trainer. We have to do things his way and I like that. It’s bringing the best out of me. I’m really excited for this fight.


“Fighting in my hometown of LA, I feel like I have the home field advantage. I don’t feel any pressure at all. I feel like I’m in as good of shape as I can be and there will be no ring rust. I’ve actually had three training camps for this fight, after postponements in March and June.


“If you look at Cuellar he looks much naturally bigger. But we’re both going to weigh just about the same at the weigh-in. He has to make the same weight as I do. I felt a little bit of pressure before the Leo Santa Cruz fight, but none this time.


“Bringing in Robert Garcia has been a great thing for me. He’s brought a lot of experience and he’s one of the best coaches out there. I can’t wait to show the fans what I’ve learned from Robert.”



“I’ve been anxious to get in there but I’m ready now and excited to get back to doing what I love. I healed up from some injuries that I suffered. Now that I’m fully healed I have felt the power returning and it’s time to go.


“The most important thing is that I’m 100 percent ready mentally and physically. I’ll be right there in the ring on December 10.


“This is my first quiz in going back to school and working my way toward a world title. I’m back in the gym and putting everything together so that I can use it in the ring.


“I am going to be smart and work hard in the ring. I know I have to make the key adjustments during a fight that will make the difference when I meet the elite fighters.


“Just a few months ago when I sparred for the first time in a while, I realized I missed getting hit. Why? Because I love the chance to hit back. Even just having the Vaseline back on my face was something I missed. I’ve probably watched more boxing than I had in my entire life since I’ve been gone.


“This absence has brought back the fire in me. There are several titles that are accessible to many guys in my division. I know I’m right there and I just need to take the right steps to get to that point.


“I have undivided attention in training camp with Robert Garcia and I’ve worked very hard to get myself ready. I feel like I’m still improving and getting better.


“I’m really excited to get back in the ring. I can hardly wait. There’s nothing I love more than performing for my fans. I’m going to do what I always do, which is make sure the fans see a great fight when I’m in the ring.”


MARVIN SOMODIO, Cuellar’s Assistant Trainer

“Cuellar is in great shape. We’ve been training Jesus at Wild Card since June. I think that this time is going to the perfect time for us. I’ve always thought that you need some time to improve the fighters and now we’ve gotten that.


“I think the postponement helped us more than Mares. I feel like I know Cuellar 100 percent and we’ve studied up on Mares and his strengths and weaknesses.


“I expect the early rounds the fighters will be smarter, but as the rounds go on, these fighters are warriors, and I expect them to fight inside.


“Jesus loves to fight. Especially in the early rounds, he loves to throw hard punches. We tried to change everything so that he’s setting his opponent up.


“Mares is going to try to box. But in the middle of the fight Mares will do what he does. He’s going to come forward and exchange. We’re ready for anything and we expect everything from Mares.


“I don’t think Cuellar’s layoff will be a factor. We’ve almost had no time off. He’s been in the gym and sparring with world champions. He’s a great guy to train. You will never hear him complain. He loves to work hard and train. If anything we have to make sure we don’t over train him. Freddie and Jesus get along very well.”


ROBERT GARCIA, Mares’ Trainer

“I think basically what Abner needed was just a new voice. He had been working hard and training in a nice gym that he liked. But he was calling his own shots. I think he was getting a little too comfortable. I just think he needed a new voice.


“He’s never questioned one thing I’ve asked of him. He’s done everything I’ve asked. I said that he can stay in Riverside or he could make the drive. Eventually he decided to stay in Riverside.


“Abner is hungry now. When he introduced himself to me, he might have lost some of that. He wasn’t listening to trainers’ instructions. But the moment he came to me, he’s been doing everything he’s supposed to. He’s old enough to know that he’s not a kid anymore.


“Cuellar is a very strong fighter both physically and mentally. He’s the hardest hitter in the featherweight division. He’s dangerous and dedicated.


“I know that Freddie Roach is a great trainer. One day I want to say that I’ve accomplished as much as he has. He is very good when it comes to strategy and adjustments during the fight. This is a more challenging fight with Freddie but I love challenges.


“Training has been great and everything we got out of it was positive. He transitioned to me easily and I can’t wait for December 10.”


For more information visit and,follow on Twitter @ShowtimeBoxing, @SHOSports, @PremierBoxing, @JesusCuellarBOX, @AbnerMares, @FutureOfBoxing, @JRockBoxing, @TGBPromotions and @Swanson_Comm or become a fan on Facebook at and is sponsored by Corona, La Cerveza Mas Fina.


PLUS! A stacked Mayweather Promotions undercard featuring undefeated prospects Maurice Lee and Kevin Newman in separate bouts!

LAS VEGAS (Nov. 29, 2016) – Ashley “Treasure” Theophane (39-7, 12 KO’s) is back! The veteran boxer returns to ring Friday, December 2 against Yakabu Amidu (19-8-2, 17 KO’s) in the main event of Mayweather Promotions’ Sin City Showdown. Theophane has made it clear that he is here for redemption. He has been training hard, is focused, and is ready to outperform his opponent when he steps in the ring in this 10-round battle.


“It’s been said that this is my redemption fight,” said Theophane. “I have been faced with many challenges in my career, with my back up against the wall and have bounced back. This fight is like any other fight, and I plan to come out victorious.”


Surrounding the main event action is the always exciting prospect Maurice Lee (7-0, 3 KO’s) in a junior welterweight showdown against Cameron Kreal (8-12-2, 1 KO) that serves as the co-main event. Lee returns to Sam’s Town Live following his last win on May 13 against Samuel Santana, which was a non-stop exchange of punches from start to finish.


“One thing everyone around me knows is that I stay ready” says Lee. “This fight I’m coming in with a plan and making sure my body and mind are in sync.”


Undercard action will be filled with a stacked Mayweather Promotions’ stable all in separate bouts, including undefeated super middleweight prospect Kevin Newman (6-0, 2 KO’s)in a six- round showdown, Charvis Holifield (6-1-1, 4 KO’s) will also be making a return to the venue for a six-round battle following his May 13 victory, and Mayweather Promotions first lady Latondria Jones (4-0, 2 KO’s) will defend her flawless record as she goes toe-to-toe in a four-round bout. Newly signed Lightweight Andres Cortes (3-0, 2 KO’s) will make his Mayweather Promotions fighting debut in a bout scheduled for four rounds, and in separate bouts Oluwafemi Oyeleye & Rolando Romero will both make their professional debuts.


Fight Night will take place on Friday, December 2nd at Sam’s Town Live.Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by Mayweather Promotions, start at $15 and are available online at: and on


Follow on Twitter @AshleyTheophane, @ambitious_lee, @MayweatherPromo, and @SamsTownLV, become a fan on Facebook at:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Nov. 29th, 2016) — One month after dazzling the Twin River Casino crowd with the Fight of the Year between Khiary Gray and Chris Chatman, CES Boxing is back for one more round, ending the 2016 season with another star-studded, year-end holiday bash.

Two of New England’s most celebrated fighters, super featherweight Toka Kahn Clary (19-1, 13 KOs) of Providence, R.I., and New London, Conn., bantamweight Shelly Vincent (18-1, 1 KO) return to their roots Friday, Dec. 2nd, 2016 in the finale of CES Boxing’s 2016 Twin River Casino Fight Series.

Tickets for the Dec. 2nd season finale are priced at $47.00, $102.00, $127.00 (VIP) and $152.00 (VIP) and can be purchased online at, or, by phone at 401-724-2253/2254 or at the Twin River Casino Players Club. All fights and fighters are subject to change.

The card features eight action-packed bouts, headlined by an eight-round battle between Kahn and Mexico City veteran Mario Macias (28-20, 14 KOs) and an eight-round female featherweight showdown between Vincent and Marquita Lee (3-2) of Novato, Calif.

Dec. 2nd marks Kahn’s first fight in his hometown since February of 2014 while Vincent, who lives and trains in Providence, returns to Twin River for the eighth time in her career and the first time since she defeated Christina Ruiz in April of 2015.

Vincent comes off a highly anticipated bout against longtime foe Heather Hardy at the Ford Amphitheater in Coney Island in August, the first women’s bout televised on NBC Sports Network as part of that night’s Premier Boxing Champions telecast, a landmark bout for the sport. Kahn, who boasted an impressive 131-11 record as an amateur, hopes to rebound from his first loss as a pro after knocking out 13 of his first 18 opponents, including Chris Lopez, Orlando Rizo and 44-fight vet Jonathan Perez.

The show-stopper of the night could come in the middleweight division when unbeaten Worcester, Mass., native Kendrick Ball (4-0-1, 3 KOs) steps up to face undefeated Canadian Nathan Millier (9-0-1, 7 KOs) in a six-round special attraction.

Ball recently defeated Oregon’s Rafael Valencia in October and now battles the unbeaten Millier, a 25-year-old New Brunswick native who’s won his last three fights by knockout since suffering the lone blemish record in a draw against Shane Upshaw in July of 2015.

Also fighting his first career six-round bout, unbeaten New Bedford, Mass., junior middleweight Ray Oliveira Jr. (5-0, 1 KO) challenges Matt Probin (2-1) of Lewiston, Maine. Oliveira returns for the first time since handing Andy Gonzalez his first career loss in July while Probin enters fresh off a big win on the road against Stephon Burgette in Pennsylvania.

Fresh off a knockout win in his Twin River debut in October, fan-favorite Anthony Marsella Jr. (2-0, 1 KO) of Providence returns to face Martinsville, Va., native Devante Seay (0-1-1) in a four-round junior welterweight bout while New London, Conn., junior welterweight Cristobal Marrero (2-0, 2 KOs) steps in his toughest test to date in a four-round bout against Durham, N.C., vet Isaiah Robinson (3-4, 2 KOs).

Marrero dazzled in knockout wins in July and October and now faces the dangerous Robinson, who fought four hard rounds against Jonathan Figueroa in October on less than 24 hours’ notice. After debuting with a unanimous decision win Connecticut in April, the 21-year-old Marsella blasted Philadelphia’s Bardraiel Smith in just 45 seconds in his Rhode Island debut four and a half weeks ago.

Two more fighters make their Twin River debuts Friday; 25-year-old Lynn, Mass., junior welterweight Khiry Todd, a former New England Golden Gloves champion, fights for the first time as a pro in a four-round bout against Woburn, Mass., vet Bruno Dias (0-2) and East Hartford, Conn., junior welterweight Anthony Laureano (1-0) stars in a four-round bout against Washington, D.C., native Lamont White (0-5). Laureano, 21, captured a Western New England Golden Gloves title in 2016 and competed in the National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions in Salt Lake City before debuting as a pro in September with a win over Nahir Albright.

Visit, or for more information, follow CES Boxing on Instagram at @CESBOXING.

— CES —


Michael Parente, Classic Entertainment & Sports, (401) 263-4990 or

Kim Ward, Twin River Casino, (401) 475-8532 or


Twin River Casino, located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is the state’s largest gaming and entertainment venue as well as its top tourist and cultural attraction. Formerly known as Lincoln Park, the renovated facility offers 162,000 square-feet of gaming space with more than 5,000 gaming positions. The casino operates more than 4,200 video slot machines and virtual table games (including blackjack and roulette), as well as 108 live table games including blackjack, roulette, craps, a poker room and more. A great alternative to Connecticut and Massachusetts casinos, this unique gaming facility also hosts simulcasting of the best thoroughbred and greyhound racing from around the country, a 29,000+ square foot Twin River Event Center with headline entertainment, free concerts at the Lighthouse Bar, signature cocktails and premium cigars at Blackstone Cigar Bar, award winning beer and live music at the Shipyard Pub, as well as live comedy & karaoke every weekend at Rhodehouse Live. Home to the incredible Fred & Steve’s Steakhouse, you can have an award-winning steak and seafood dinner, or enjoy the exciting sports bar scene at Wicked Good Bar & Grill, as well as 18 other dining outlets. Twin River offers both smoking (1st Floor) and smoke-free (2nd Floor) casinos. Twin River Casino is situated just 10 minutes from Providence and less than an hour from Boston.



Click HERE to read on the Premier Boxing Champions website

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It’s not that Jermall Charlo is an introvert or someone who can’t articulate his thoughts. It’s just that being a vociferous, look-at-me showman isn’t part of the 154-pound champion’s makeup.


Because of that, few people aside from twin brother (and fellow 154-pound titleholder) Jermell Charlo are aware that Jermall Charlo is a well-read, budding music producer/engineer who loves a fine steak and can sign his name with either hand.


We learned all this and more when we recently sat down with Jermall Charlo ahead of his highly anticipated December 10 title defense against top-ranked contender Julian Williams at the Galen Center in Los Angeles (SHOWTIME, 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT).


Who is your boxing hero?

Tommy Hearns is one of my favorite fighters. He was always trying to disprove his doubters, and I respect everything he’s been through. My life and Tommy Hearns’ life are similar. We’re both tall, and he had a legendary trainer in Emanuel Steward, and I have one, too, in Ronnie Shields.


Tommy had a good jab and was a rangy fighter. A lot of boxers think it’s easy to go to the body on tall fighters to break us down. But it’s a different story when they get in there with Tommy, so that has made me relate to him in that way.


There was also a lot of substance in Tommy Hearns. You have to be a smart fighter to know the difference between brawling and boxing, and how to use your range.


Of all the boxers in history, who do you wish you could’ve fought, and how would the fight have played out?

Being in the welterweight and junior middleweight range, I would want to see how my style would match up against a guy like Sugar Ray Leonard. I know he fought Tommy Hearns, but I think I possess some different qualities, and I would like to see how I would do against [Leonard] at his best.


I spoke to Sugar Ray Leonard right before I won the title from Cornelius Bundrage, and I told him I was the new “Hitman” (referring to Hearns’ nickname).


I don’t want to say that I would have beat Sugar Ray Leonard, because he’s a great fighter and I wouldn’t want to disrespect him. But out of anybody I could have fought, I would love to match my style against Sugar Ray’s.


I would of course borrow from the Tommy Hearns fight with Sugar Ray Leonard. Every time I watch that classic fight, I picture myself being Hearns.


What’s the hardest you’ve ever been hit, and how you did you deal with it?

You know what’s crazy? It wasn’t even by a punch; it was by a headbutt, and it was actually in my last fight against Austin Trout. Somewhere in those middle rounds, we clashed heads, and his head landed right on I believe the left side of my chin and ear.


I haven’t been hit that hard by any punch or anything, because I do a good job with keeping my hands up and with head movement and stuff like that. But against Trout, he threw a jab, and I stepped over and his head came crashing into my jawline.


He had no clue [that I was stunned], and I fought through it like a champion is supposed to. But that was the hardest shot I’ve taken since my pee-wee football days. I had to check myself to make sure I was good. It was just a shot that woke me up.


When training for a fight, what’s the one meal you miss the most?

It would have to be steak. I’m a filet mignon type of guy. But I have to give that up during training, because it’s one of those red meats that slows me down.


You’re known for being a gym rat. Do you have a favorite exercise?

I like all exercises-anything that’s challenging. But if I had to choose one, my favorite would be working the body bag with [legendary trainer] Creed Fountain. … I’ve watched Creed Fountain do the body bag with Evander Holyfield and a lot of other champions, so it’s kind of become one of my favorite exercises.


What about a favorite punch to throw?

One of my favorites is my left hook. It’s not necessarily to the body, but it’s one of the punches that I grew up throwing and always felt was one of my most challenging shots. I’m very comfortable throwing it, being that I’m right-handed and left-handed.


You mean you’re ambidextrous?

Yes. I actually can write with both hands. I really never knew what my dominant hand was, being that I was strong with both hands. I throw a football and shoot a basketball with my right hand.


But it’s crazy and kind of confusing even to myself. … In a fight, I can switch to either side. I grew up in a southpaw stance and feeling more comfortable as a left-hander, but then I started fighting from the right-handed side and feeling more comfortable as a right-hander. I’ve used both sides effectively.


Finish this sentence: If not for boxing, I would …

… probably be an educated businessman somewhere making moves in whichever industry I chose. But boxing has saved my life.


What’s the public’s biggest misconception about boxers?

That we’re all big, angry guys who spend their money wildly and aren’t educated. But they’re all wrong.


Do you have a favorite boxing movie?

I generally don’t like boxing movies because of the fake punches. But one movie I really did like was Hands of Stone. I grew up watching the Rocky series, so I liked that, too. But Hands of Stone is one of my favorites.


I like when [the plots of boxing films] get into the lifestyle. When Micky Ward did his movie, The Fighter, a lot of things came out about him that people don’t know. That’s how I am. There are a lot of things that people don’t know about me. Maybe that will change once there is a movie written about the Charlo twins.


Well, what if Hollywood made a movie about you and your brother, Jermell-what actors would you want playing you two?

Good question. First off, we’d have to find some twins with athletic ability. They’d have to be identical. My twin brother and I look alike, but don’t act alike. Right now, it would be hard to find a good actor to portray both of us.


I did like how Usher played Sugar Ray Leonard, and how Will Smith portrayed Muhammad Ali, but … I think we would have to get a set of twins.


Who is the one artist on your playlist that would surprise fight fans?

I grew up listening to Al Green. My dad was a big fan of soul music. I’m an old soul, because my grandfather and others kind of turned me on to a couple of Al Green songs. Johnnie Taylor, too.

I always go back and reminisce about the old days and the old-school music. I was listening to some Al Green and Johnnie Taylor today.


Finish this sentence: People would be surprised to know that …

… I’ve been playing instruments and creating beats and engineering and producing since before I even became a boxer. I have a full recording studio inside my house. I play piano and guitar. I’m really into electronic music.


I also do a lot of reading during my off time. Reading and music.


If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

That’s a hard question, because there is so much that I would change. … I guess I would want everyone to be equal. There would be no levels or one person being better than the next person-no matter the color of your skin.


What’s on your bucket list?

You know what I really want to do? That survival thing where you go into the wilderness and survive for 21 days. Like on that Naked and Afraid show. I just want to get dropped off in the wilderness and go and survive like those guys do, creating my own fire and seeing what that’s like. I think I could do it. I can last out there. I can survive anything.


I don’t like snakes and I don’t like mosquitos, but I’m not afraid of them. They could drop me off anywhere and I could survive.


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