I Wonder What Kelly Pavlik Would Say… by Chip Mitchell


I wonder what Kelly Pavlik would say prior to sending a faxed contract to Dibella Entertainment concerning the upcoming rematch with Jermain Taylor.  It would probably go a little something like this:

Hello, Louie old boy.  How’s the weather these days in Prospectville?  You no longer have a champion and some say you never had one in the first place.

Jermain “The Ghost” Taylor will NEVER beat me no matter how many times we fight and here is why:

Look at my body type.  I have the build of a light heavyweight.  But I fight two classes below at middleweight.  Look at my height and my rangy physique.  I’m a natural at 168 and will totally fill out at 175 before my career is complete.  On top of that, I am only 25 years old and haven’t even reached my full potential.  The last chap that you saw who was built like me was one Julian Jackson.  I think you know what he could do with his hands, don’t you Louie?  You see, I too have to drain myself to make 160, Mr. Dibella.  But people only talk about Jermain and his struggles to make weight.  However, he came into our battle in the best shape of his life, while I was the one who actually looked dried out.  The difference between us is that as I drain myself, it takes away a lot of my devastating punching power.  Yet in 32 fights, only 3 opponents have seen the final bell and not one of them is named Taylor.

Now you demand a rematch to fight at 166?  What that means is that I’m only going to be STRONGER! I’m going to punch HARDER!  My body build dictates the fact that I will carry my power up to at least two weight classes higher than my current class.  And yet, I STILL remain 25 years old, Louie.  Now, if you were (the overrated) Emmanuel Steward, would YOU put your prized recruit into an immediate rematch knowing

these things?  Not if you are smart.  You’d keep fighting 147 and 154 pounders who pose no serious threats to your guy; or 35 and 40 year olds when time comes to step back up.  Emanuel was smart; he got out at the right time.  Enter one Ozell Nelson.  Now I like this guy.   His “if you can’t beat ’em then join ’em” techniques are admirable. But they are only going to get your guy hurt.  I’ve heard rumors and seen pictures of him attempting to swing bats and lift tires as I often do.  I guess next you’ll convince him that he’s a KO artist and have him go toe to toe with me.  This copy cat training will be his downfall , come fight night.

However, if Team Taylor was REALLY smart, they would avoid me for the remainder of his career.  It makes no sense to fight me again.  I will be bigger, stronger, and more confident than I have ever been. It is not too late to pull out with an ‘illness’ if you can.  But, alas, if that day does come, my recommendation is quite simple.  Tell Jermain “The Ghost” Taylor to invest in some life insurance.  It may wind up being his last fight EVER!!


Kelly “Bad Intentions” Pavlik – YOUR  Undefeated Middleweight Champion of the World!!!!