Lucas Matthysse and Josesito Lopez Score Impressive Victories

In between rounds eight and nine of the Victor Ortiz versus Josesito Lopez broadcast, the Showtime cameras cut to a close-up of Canelo Alvarez. The expression on his face told the whole story.  It was a familiar expression that reminded me of the way Felix Trinidad looked at about the same point in the contest when he was in attendance for the first fight between Shane Mosley and Winky Wright.  A mega-bout showdown between Trinidad and Mosley was all but a done deal.  It was inevitable.  Mosley only needed to get by Wright.  Winky, however, had other plans and successfully played the role of the spoiler.  Trinidad had to look elsewhere, and instead wound up facing Ricardo Mayorga.  In the case of Canelo, now that Lopez has killed the appeal of an Alvarez-Ortiz matchup, the young Mexican will now be forced to look elsewhere, too. Continue reading