Danny Garcia vs. Jab Judah Analysis and Predictions… by Robert Uzzell & Chip Mitchell

Swift & Super

Robert Uzzell:

Danny “Swift” Garcia
Danny Garcia is a hot ticket fighter right now.  Fresh off of an upset victory over Amir “King” Khan, Danny’s last outing saw him ice Erik Morales in a rematch last October.  His confidence is at an all-time high.   He has wins over Khan, Morales (twice), Kendall Holt, Nate Campbell, and Mike Arnaoutis. 

Danny has fought guys who were considered a little past it (Kendall Holt) and far past it (Morales twice).  No matter how you see it, the WBA/WBC light welterweight champion is 25-0 heading into the showdown with Judah. Continue reading


Two of Boxing’s Good Guys Go at it Again! by Chip Mitchell


Photo Credit: Tom Hogan

Boxing history is packed full of bizarre characters, and the heavyweights are no exception.  History shows us that fans have a love affair with off-the-wall fighters who reside in the Big Man’s division.  The stranger the fighter, the more we seem to gravitate towards him.  Whether it was Mike Tyson, Riddick Bowe, Sonny Liston, or Jack ‘I can’t… I can’t… but I can…’ Dempsey, our lust for more drama has helped generate an abundance of cable subscriptions and sell numerous PPVs.

Well, how about those heavyweights with little or no drama in their lives?  How come nobody gravitates toward the good guys?  On February 16, two of boxing’s good guys step into the ring for a rematch as Johnathon “Mr.” Banks and Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell dance once again.

Some readers of this piece may or may not know who Seth Mitchell and Johnathon Banks are and if you consider yourselves boxing fans, shame on you.  I’ll try to educate you about two of boxing’s good guys.  In these days and times, we need stories of a few good men in the world of sports.  Continue reading