Quick Q & A with Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero by Chip Mitchell

GhooooooostChip Mitchell:  Okay, Robert, now you are a very spiritual person.  How has your spirituality played a part in your boxing career?

Robert Guerrero:  You know, it plays a big part.  Not just in boxing, it plays a big part in my life.  You know, outside of the ring, with my family, raising my kids in church, believing in Jesus Christ, it’s a big part of my life and that’s what guides my whole life. That goes through my training camp, boxing, being in the ring.  It really is the number one thing in my life.

Chip Mitchell:  Now, you’ve fought Orlando Salido who was a pressure fighter.  You’ve fought Andre Berto who represents power and speed.  You fought warriors such as Katsidis, boxers such as Escobedo and Cassamayor.  There were other styles like Litzau and Aydin that weren’t the easiest to deal with.  I already believe you are mentally strong.  Does fighting so many different styles, along with that mentality, make you the optimum opponent to give Floyd a “1” in his loss column?

Robert Guerrero:  Oh, most definitely!  I mean, you hit it right on.  Having the proper experience to be in the ring helps build a fighter the right way.  Then you get the chance to fight different types of styles, so you have different experiences.  Then when a fighter gets to the top they’re ready for it and they stay there.  Having the mental experience outside of the ring, inside of the ring, putting all that together as a package, it’s a deadly force.

Chip Mitchell:  Robert, you are 6-time champion in 4 different weight classes.  I’m going to say that again.  SIX TIME CHAMPION IN FOUR DIFFERENT WEIGHT CLASSES!  That is a marvelous accomplishment.  Not many people know this.  Do you ever feel underappreciated?

Robert Guerrero:  No, I don’t.  You know, all I do is go out there and fight, set my heart and fight the best I can. If it gets recognized, it gets recognized; if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.  But you know what, I know I put God first and he’s blessed me to be in this position.  And being in this position, it’s incredible.  It’s incredible and it truly is a blessing, and it’s helps me take full advantage of it.  After this fight, everybody will know the accomplishments that I have, especially after beating Floyd Mayweather. 

Q:  What have you seen in Floyd that gives you so much confidence that you’re the man that’s going to take his “O” away?

Robert Guerrero:  You know, being smart in the ring, fighting an intelligent fight.  A lot of these guys just come in, they either lose their head or they’re mad at him and all game plans go out the window and also, being able to make the adjustments in the ring.  Having the experiences that I’ve had throughout my boxing career and the different weight classes with guys who are fast, guys who are slick, guys who put pressure, guys who are boxer punchers, just having all the experience and putting it all together and being able to recognize to make those adjustments in the ring.

Q:  So, Robert, any last comments before we let you go?

Robert Guerrero:  I’m just ready to go.  Can’t wait until fight night.  That’s it.  Thank you, God bless, and bye.


MAYDAY: Media Interview with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Robert Guerrero


FLOYD MAYWEATHER, Eight-Time and Five-Division World Champion

On those who have contributed to making MAYDAY a success: 

“I’ve got to give thanks to everybody; there are so many different sponsors, Corona, Valvoline, MGM Grand and so many other people that have supported me throughout the years, all my fans, the media, my followers on Twitter.  To SHOWTIME, CBS and all the other networks that have been showing love to me.

“SHOWTIME has let me do a lot of creative things.  ’30 Days In May,’ ‘ALL ACCESS’ and we have another documentary coming out on CBS.  I have a new relationship and a new marriage and I’m happy now.

 On his brief prison term:

“Freedom is very, very important.  You can be locked up and be rich, but it’s just like being poor if you don’t have freedom.  So, freedom is very, very important.  That’s how I feel. Continue reading

Carson Jones Calls Devon Alexander Out!

Press Release:  Carson Jones to Devon Alexander: Step up to the plate!

Oklahoma City, OK (April 16, 2013) – In an age where fighters build their records up by partaking in gross mismatches, Oklahoma City based welterweight contender “Mr.” Carson Jones is a boxing rarity.

The youthful but experienced 26-year-old began his career without true direction, taking a number of early losses against world class opposition. Since March 2009, Jones has an excellent 18-2-1 record with 13 wins by knockout. Along the way, Jones, whose overall professional ledger is 34-9-3 (24 KO’s), steamrolled previously unbeaten knockout king Tyrone Brunson, 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist Ricardo Williams, welterweight contender Said Ouali and former title challenger Michael Clark.

In July 2012, Jones lost a hotly contested majority decision in the hometown of Kell Brook in one of the best fights during that calendar year. Dubbed as “Special K” due to his diverse talents, Brook dominated all 27 of his opponents up to that point. Against Jones, a bruised and bloodied Brook survived a number of rough moments and never considered a rematch.

Fast forward to 2013, where Brook found himself pitted against IBF welterweight champion Devon Alexander; or so we thought. The two were scheduled to fight on multiple occasions, with each man pulling out of the fight due to an injury. On Saturday, May 18, Brook-Alexander was finally scheduled to take place on Showtime, but Brook suffered another injury that forced him to withdraw, leaving the champion without an opponent.

“I know a lot of guys are calling out Alexander and I can’t blame them,” said Jones, the IBF’s 7th rated contender. “But how many of them have been through hell in a gasoline suit? Which one of them went overseas and got the short end of a decision against a fighter that is considered one of boxing’s next bright stars? Can anybody else out there vying for this fight claim to have faced the level of opposition I have? The answer is no.”

Jones also believes that his fan-friendly style would make for a great fight and a bout with Alexander would produce two winners; Carson Jones and the spectators.

“After Alexander’s sleep-induced fight with Randall Bailey, I think the boxing world needs an exciting fight. I do not run from my opponents. Unlike Bailey, I will cut the ring off and force him to fight my fight just like Tim Bradley did. Alexander’s known as Devon “The Great” but does his name mean anything? If he’s true to his moniker and wants to show how great he his, all Team Alexander has to do send me a contract and see me in the ring on May 18!”

Jones is currently in training with the hopes of facing Alexander or another top welterweight in the immediate future.

ALL ACCESS: MAYWEATHER vs. GUERRERO Premieres Wednesday April 10 on Showtime!



“You have the biggest athlete in the world, the highest paid, acting a fool.” – Robert Guerrero 

“For him to speak on anything about me or about my life, first accomplish what I have accomplished.” – Floyd Mayweather

NEW YORK (April 9, 2013) – Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT,SHOWTIME Sports debuts the first episode of the highly anticipated documentary series ALL ACCESS: MAYWEATHER vs. GUERRERO in the lead-up to the SHOWTIME PPV® presentation of MAY DAY: the mega-event headlined by boxing’s No. 1 pound-for-pound titlist Floyd “Money” Mayweather in his welterweight world championship defense against Six-Time and Four-Division World Champion Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero.

Multi-Grammy award winning musician, noted actor, author, activist and longtime sports fan COMMON has signed on to narrate the five-part series.  COMMON lends his smooth and poetic voice to SHOWTIME for the first time.  “Being a part of ALL ACCESS really gave me an insight into the process that these fighters go through and what their lives are like when they prepare for battle,” said COMMON.  “It grants the audience at home a backstage pass to one of the biggest sporting events of the year.” Continue reading

Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin and Fernando Guerrero Erupt During Conference Call!

Quillin Guerrero

See transcript below concerning their April 27 matchup on the undercard of Danny Garcia vs. Zab Judah.  Here is what they had to say below:

Peter Quillin

How’s everybody is doing? Thank you for allowing me to grace the phone with you guys. I just want to thank everybody that’s made this fight possible: Barclays Center; my promotion team; Golden Boy; my advisor, Al Haymon; my management, John C., Jimmy McDevin; my trainers Eric Brown, Robert Garcia and Brad Bowes; manager, Johnny Berez; my two assistants, Tiffany Carter and Lisa Mahoy. I’m just very blessed and make sure that y’all stay tuned to be able to watch Never Guerrero, because he’s never going to be the champ like me. Continue reading