Ishe Smith domiantes Davis; Cuellar retains title with win over Ramos; Bey scores UD

Story by:  Chip Mitchell


Mickey Bey overcame a knockdown to win a 10-round unanimous decision over Alan Herrera on Friday night, a day before Mayweather vs. Maidana.  Bey won by scores of 98-92 (twice), and  97-92.

Bey scored a series of left hooks and used his effective jab to keep Herrera off of him.  Herrera tried to work Bey’s body to try to slow him down and by the midway point found success as he dropped Mickey with an uppercut.  Bey took the shot well and recovered to close the round.

One round later, Bey found success as he hurt Herrera with a nice right-hand counter.  The final few rounds consisted on Bey playing keep away and Herrera unable to get to him.

With the win Bey, fighting out of Las Vegas moved to 20-1-1 (10 KOs). Herrera,  drops to 32-6, (21 KO)s.

Ishe Smith took on replacement opponent Ryan Davis and it was apparent early that Davis didn’t come to party.  The usually defensive minded Smith appeared to land whatever he threw as Davis took more than he gave Smith in this one.

The second round turned out to be the final one as Smith unloaded with a smorgasbord of punches that dropped Davis, who made little effort to get off the deck.  He was counted out at the end of the second round.

Smith, also fighting out of Vegas moves to 26-6, (12 KOs).  Davis drops to 24-14-3, (9 KOs).


In the opening bout, Jesus Cuellar successfully defended his  WBA World featherweight title with a 12-round unanimous decision over Rico Ramos. Scores of 116-110, 117-109, and 114-112.

Cuellar dropped Ramos at the end of the first with a straight left.

Cuellar seemed quicker to the punch all evening as Ramos didn’t have an answer for the Ramos left hand.

Ramos tried to counter with right hands to the head and was effective to an extent.  He complained because a few of Cuellar’s shots landed behind the head.  Eventually the referee deducted a point from Cuellar.

Ramos tried to come on late, but didn’t have enough juice at the end and lost the fight.  Ramos had a small cut over his right eye that looked much bigger as he shared a drink with me after the fight.  I had cranberry juice, Ramos preferred beer.

We chatted about what’s next for him and about other boxing-related material.  It was a fantastic night in Vegas as we prepare for Mayweather vs. Maidana tomorrow evening at MGM Grand Garden Arena.


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