The Moment in Jeopardy?

Story by: Chip Mitchell

Floyd Mayweather and his team rejected a pair of gloves that Marcos Maidana chose to wear for their fight. Apparently, Team Mayweather believed there was not enough padding in the gloves.

After multiple parties (related to Team Mayweather) inspected the gloves, it was determined that there wasn’t enough padding. Team Maidana, specifically trainer Robert Garcia wholehearted disagreed and the battle was on!

Both parties went back and forth with neither willing to give ground. Richard Schaefer feels that all will be okay come fight time. Schaefer added, “There were some issues about the gloves; more specifically the padding, or the lack thereof, of the gloves…those customized gloves, which were in the Argentinian colors, those were ruled by the Commission as not conforming, so those are not allowed, but then other Everlast gloves were produced. Those were all okay by the Commission, so now I think, basically, the teams are just working out which ones. Everything will be okay. I’m sure a fair solution will be found.”

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe wasn’t so sure. “We’re not fighting anybody in some gloves that don’t have no damn padding. There won’t be a fight. My fighter’s health and safety is more important than putting on a show. He’s not getting in the ring fighting anybody with gloves that don’t have no padding. It was embarrassing to bring those kind of gloves. We’re not fighting tomorrow. We’re not approving fighting in those gloves.”

Stay tuned!


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