Shawn Porter vs. Kell Brook Predictions!


Robert Uzzell and Chip Mitchell give predictions for this Saturday night’s IBF Championship fight between champion Shawn “Showtime” Porter and challenger “Special One” Kell (Special-K) Brook.

Both fighters are undefeated as Shawn Porter, 24-0-1 (15 KOs) and Kell Brook 32-0 (22 KOs) lock horns in the Showtime main event.

Robert Uzzell
I’m one of the few people that believe undefeated Kell Brook from the UK can come to Carson, CA and win a decision. I think Brook can control the fight with his jab and be active enough to beat Shawn Porter by decision.

I look at Porter as having advantages in speed as well as quickness. The jab can neutralize Porter’s speed. Everyone seems to be on the Shawn Porter bandwagon since his stoppage of Paulie Malignaggi. I just don’t see it. He’s not as good as the guy who destroyed Paulie and he might not be as bad as the guy who I believe lost to the ancient Julio Diaz in their first encounter.

I can’t believe how much of a favorite Porter is in this fight. I might actually lay a few hundred down on Brook. The oddsmakers are way off on this one.

The puncher in this fight is Kell Brook. Everyone that fell in love with the Malignaggi stoppage failed to realize that Porter has only knocked out about 3 guys in his last 10 fights. People talk about Porter’s experience, but he beat Devon Alexander which isn’t as impressive as it sounds. He arguable lost to Diaz. Then he beat a part time fighter in Malignaggi.

Brook on the other hand has wins over Matthew Hatton (wow), Carson Jones twice, and Vyacheslav Senchenko. Carson Jones made Brook work for the win in the first fight. Despite his losses, Carson Jones is a good fighter. Once Brook beats Porter, people won’t undersell his win over Jones any longer.

Look for Brook to start out a bit shaky, due to nerves as well as Porter’s speed. However he is going to settle down in the middle rounds and begin to pepper Porter with shots that will confuse him. As Porter struggles to figure Brook out, he will begin to eat heavier shots as Brook takes control of the fight. If Porter gets wild, he may get hit with something down the pipe that he doesn’t see. My gut says despite all this, Porter will win via big KO as Brook starts to take control

Chip Mitchell
Shawn Porter is on fire right now. The shocking stoppage of Paulie Malignaggi has Porter as the toast of the town wherever he visits. Kell Brook on the other hand is an unknown commodity in the US. Let’s put it this way- if these two boxers were stocks, Porter would be Microsoft and Brook would be ValuJet after the Everglades situation.

This is boxing, however, and no matter how high your stock may be or how hot you are- styles often dictate how things play out.

I believe the oddsmakers are grossly off the mark as I’ve seen Porter as a 3 to 1 favorite in this fight. I don’t bet in boxing, but I’m tempted to take Brook at those odds.

Nevertheless, I like Brook to win this fight. As long as he properly ties Porter up on the inside and pushes him off during the breaks, he should be able to handle Porter.

Porter has been talking over the past two weeks as if Brook won’t even show for this fight. He doesn’t see anything special in “Special K”, but I look at it the opposite way. What’s so special about Porter?

Porter’s power is overrated. He’s as uncoordinated as he is wild at multiple times. He does have a quickness and hand speed advantage that could trouble Brook early on. However, I think Brook will settle down and show Porter who has the real power in this fight.

Porter I’m sure has studied the Carson Jones fights and feels his pressure will break Brook. I believe Porter will be aggressive, but how much of it will be effective?

The beginning could play out like Mike Tyson (Porter) versus Lennox Lewis (Brook). The smaller American fighter will be looking to to end things early with pressure, speed, and power. The taller UK fighter will have to weather the early storm and then the fight will begin to slow down, just like it did for Lewis.

I expect Brook to weather that storm and wear Porter down. I’m not sure if he stops Porter but he will impose his will on the champion. One thing that beats speed is timing and I see Brook timing Porter often in this fight. Lateral movement is something that I believe is being overlooked. It will serve Brook well enough to allow him to escape with a win. Brook by close decision.