Gabe Rosado: Adrien Broner needs to Dedicate Himself to Boxing

Story by: Jeff Sorby

If former three division world champion Adrien Broner (28-1, 22 KOs) wants to have a successful career then he’s going to need to dedicate himself fully to the sport of boxing, says former middleweight world title challenger Gabriel Rosado.

Rosado believes that Broner is spending too much time partying and touring and not enough time in the gym training at his craft. Rosado likes the heart that Broner showed against Marcos Maidana last December in taking a beating and getting up from two knockdowns, but he still thinks that Broner isn’t putting everything he has in his career.

Broner lost his WBA welterweight title in his loss to Maidana. Broner’s adviser Al Haymon is lowly bringing him back from that loss. He’s got Broner scheduled to fight Emmanuel Taylor (18-2, 12 KOs) next month on September 6th at the U.S Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. If Broner can win that fight, Haymon will likely look for a top tier contender to put him in with.

“I think Adrien Broner needs to take advantage of his potential,” Rosado said to “I think Broner would be a better fighter if he dedicated himself. If Adrien Broner dedicated himself 100 percent, I think he’d be a problem for real. In the past, he’s been partying and touring. If you don’t put 100 percent in boxing, it’s going to show in the ring. If he’s going to the party and not fighting, he’s going to fall off.”

Broner likes rap music, and it’s unclear if he’s working on a second career in that field. If he’s spreading himself out trying to create a music career at the same time he’s working on his boxing career, then it’s understandable why he’s not doing as well as he should. But Broner likely would have lost to Maidana no matter how much time he spent in the gym.

Broner doesn’t have the power, size or the work rate to beat bigger fighters like Maidana. If Broner were to throw nonstop shots for 12 rounds, he would have beaten Maidana. Broner is more of a pot shot fighter in the mold of Floyd Mayweather Jr, and he’s not going to beat a lot of fighters with that fighting style because he doesn’t throw enough punches.