The Fight: A poem by boxing fan Barrett Wall

Story by:  Robert Uzzell

Happy holiday to boxing fans from!  Hopefully 2015 will give us some better matchups in the squared circle than did 2014.   We’d like to find a few nice ways to end the year.

One way is that we recently came across some poetry by Mr. Barrett Cawthorne Wall, a boxing fan and uncle to Baltimore pugilist James “Keep ’em Sleeping” Stevenson, (22-1, 15 KOs).

James, (or Pete to most, or Peetie as Mr. Wall addresses him) recently won a fight by first round TKO.  Mr. Wall was there to witness the destruction, and he put what he witnessed into this nice poem below:


The Fight

Round 1

These are the amateurs and there is hardly anybody here

Only the families of the fighters are the ones providing a cheer

Round 2

Still I must give them credit, since the matches are three rounds or less

The young fighters threw punches non-stop, while giving it their best

Round 3

How many fights are on the card, we ask as the crowd grows?

Three fights for the amateurs and seven for the pros

Round 4

The conversation is much lighter, but it is getting tighter, as people fill in each seat

Beverages with them, they make sure that they get them, a little something to eat

Round 5

We are halfway through the preliminaries and it’s a beautiful sight

But somebody please knock somebody out or we may be here all night

Round 6

I was truly amazed at the thoughts being raised, since for the crowd there is no rule

The things that were said all around my head like “this here is some bull!”

Round 7

With hooks, crosses and perfect jabs the crowd threw out verbal taunts

It was then I discovered, that it can say, pretty much what it wants

Round 8

With rap music blaring, the crowd is now swearing, as if there’s a reason to vent

The participants are now staring, as we are finally preparing, for the main event

Round 9

Yelling insults and jokes they continue to poke, as hard as a power punch

Who can rebuke us or say something to us, sitting in a coordinated bunch

The intensity is growing, but impatience is showing, as it’s getting harder to hear

Because, the person sitting directly behind me keeps SCREAMING in my ear

Round 10

Now the crowd is at a frenzied pace, standing and blocking the view

Angry voices are shouting, down in front, so that we can see the fight too!

Then the big punch is landed from the one heavy-handed and beyond our belief

The vanquished is down and fight is all over, much to my relief.

The Decision

After all had been said and done, it really was fun and a pretty eventful night

For I always knew, that it has always been true, there’d be a fight within the fight

Poem © Barrett Cawthorne Wall

December, 2014