Fight Weights for PBC; Garcia out, Bone out, Mayfield in for Porter?

PorterStory by: Robert Uzzell

It appears that Roberto Garcia wasn’t close to making weight for the Premier Boxing Champions’s card debut on Spike TV this Friday night.  he was to serve as the B-side to Shawn Porter in a welterweight matchup.  I’m not sure he even showed up for the weigh in.  Rumors of being over four pounds heavy as well as issues with B-vitamin poisoning have arisen.


In stepped Erick Bone (who?) to replace Garcia.


I have to be honest, I had to look up Bone’s credentials and what I found was puzzling.  Bone is listed as a super lightweight.  Porter is a welterweight, and big, hard punching one at that.  Think Garcia.  No, not Roberto, but Danny Garcia vs. Rod Salka.  An overmatched guy who is too small to step up to the challenge.

Next thing I know, Bone was out.  or was he?

In stepped Karim Mayfield to replace Bone.


Mayfield will take this fight on less than 24 hour’s notice.  Now, this will work.  Mayfield can fight a little bit and is a much better choice as a replacement.  In this sport, and at this late moment I think we should be happy.

Hats off to Mr. Mayfield.  You, sir, are a trooper!  Win or lose.  Thank you for stepping up to take this fight.  Hats off also to Team Porter!  You decided that you didn’t train for nothing.  If the guy you trained for couldn’t make it, next man up!  If he can’t make it, next man up!  You gotta love it.  Last but not least (I promised I would never say it)… Thank you Al Haymon!

How many times have you seen a fight scard scrapped or a co-feature move to main event because someone couldn’t make weight?  Instead of the Porter fight being cancelled, all systems are go for this one.  It’ll be either Bone or Mayfield come fight time.  Whoever it is, the purse for Porter’s challenger will be somewhere in the area of $170,000.  That’s a nice piece of bread for 24 hours notice.

See weights below:

Shawn Porter 146.7 vs. Erick Bone/Karim Mayfield ?

Josesito Lopez 146.3 vs. Andre Berto 146
(WBA interim welterweight title)

Chris Arreola 262.4 vs. Curtis Harper 265.2



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