Results from Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, California


By: Robert Uzzell

Andre Berto TKO 6 Josesito Lopez

Lopez was ahead on all three judge’s scorecards and was outworking Berto. He hurt Berto a few times, especially to the body and was boxing beautifully in front of his home crowd.

Berto began to time him and work behind a double jab which did the trick. Each time he came in behind the double jab, good things happened.

Berto knocked Lopez down with a straight right as he got into good position as Looez simultaneously fell into a bad spot. Lopez was clearly hurt, but got up in time to beat the count.

Berto closed in for the kill and dropped Lopez again and the referee immediately stopped it.  Josesito immediately tried to get up after he went down, but the referee called a halt.  Premature stoppage in my eyes.

Shawn Porter KO 5 Erick Bone

As you heard on our radio show, I’m not sold on Shawn Porter. After tonight, Porter’s stock continues to go down in my eyes.

Listen, I know Bone was a late replacement, but the dude is a freaking super lightweight.  Porter got hit tonight and if a bigger puncher (like a Karim Mayfield) was in there and landed those shots…

Chris Arreola UD 8 Curtis Harper

Wow!  What a fight!  These guys, Wilder, Fury, Povetkin, Chambers, Cunningham, Jennings, etc. I don’t want to hear that heavyweight fights are boring. There is a new era and these guys aren’t holding and hugging. They are punching!

I do have a question. Any truth to the rumor that Al Haymon is adding The Food Network as the channel for this rematch?

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