Golovkin has a ringside ticket to Cotto/Geale







Story:  Chip Mitchell

Gennady Gennadyevich “GGG” Golovkin will be ringside for Cotto vs. Geale this Saturday night.  The fight will take place at Barclays Center and will be televised on HBO.

“I want to watch this fight in person and look forward to fighting the winner to show who the real WBC middleweight champion is,” said Golovkin. “A unification fight with the winner is very important to me.”

You know, I feel sorry for Golovkin.  This guy remains an urban legend and can’t get a big name to fight.  Cotto is the lineal middlewight champion, yet Golovkin is ranked #1 in the world.  He is the mandatory and has been, but it is not going to play out the way he wants it.

Cotto is going to fight on saturday.  If he wins he is going to fight Canelo Alvarez.  If he beats Alvarez he will drop back down to 154, retire, or look for a big money opponent not named GGG.

Fans need to demand that matchups like this be made.  We could very well have another year of GGG fighting four or five times against fighters who are good, but not big matchups we want to see.  No disrespect to Willie Monroe Jr, Danny Geale, Curtis Stevens, Matthew Macklin, Martin Murray, etc.  We want to see GGG in the big fights:  Cotto, Canelo, Ward, etc.  I’d even take Quillin, Jacobs, or Froch right now.

We just want a big name to step up and fight Golovkin.  How about it Cotto?  I don’t think so.  He wins on Saturday and the Canelo fight is maybe like 3 signatures away.  In this case, I don’t blame Cotto for taking the bigger pot versus Canelo.  But why can’t he negotiate a similar contract that says if he beats Canelo, he fights Golovkin?  he did it for Alvarez prior to the Geale fight.



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