Wade gets Gift win over Soliman

DMV undefeated middleweight prospect Dominic Wade (18-0, 12 KOs) won a gift ten-round split decision over former world champion Sam “King” Soliman (44-13, 18 KOs) on Friday night at the Little Creek Casino in Shelton, Washington. Soliman troubled Wade all night with jabs, uppercuts inside, and his typical awkward style.

A knockdown was credited to Wade in the fourth round, but replays showed it was more push than punch that floored Soliman.  In the end, the knockdown was the difference on the judge’s scorecards.

Scores were 97-92 (grossly off the mark), 95-94 Wade and 96-93 Soliman.

Officially, Soliman landed 64 of 228 power punches. Wade landed 35 of 99 power shots. Overall Soliman connected on 98 of 450 punches compared to 74 of 317 from Wade.

Judge Robert Hoyle should be investigated for his 97-82 card. This isn’t the first time…  I’ll leave it at that.

Wade needs to review the video and get back in and work on adding dimensions to his game. I’ll give him somewhat of a pass, as Soliman’s awkward style is tough to deal with no matter who the opponent.

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