Venroy July’s Hardwork Promotions was back again with its THURSDAY NIGHT FIGHTS series from Parkville, Maryland’s Tall Cedars Hall.

Live action as seen by The Fight Journal below:


Robert Uzzell covering the action…


The main event features Travis “Seveer” Reeves (9-2-1) against Samer Barakat (5-1).

Photo:  Juan Marshall
Photo: Juan Marshall

Barakat was more active in round one as he landed more cleaner shots than Reeves.  Reeves appears ready, but a bit sluggish to start the contest.

Reeves controlled round two with effective aggression and doubled up his punches to the head and body, particularly the jab.

In round three, Reeves rallied with his punches and aggression as Barakat moved with his back on the ropes. Barakat went down with what appeared to be a slip that seemed more from exhaustion than anything. The referee ruled it a knockdown and Reeves controlled the rest of the round.

Sloppy action in the next two rounds with neither guy connecting much, but Barakat was noticeably tired in those rounds. At the end of the fifth, Barakat appeared to yell an obscenity toward his corner.

The end of the main event came dramatically in the sixth round as Reeves landed a BIG right hand KO punch to a visibly tired and already shaky-legged Barakat.  BOOM!

Barakat landed flat in his back by the far turnbuckle as his leg went in a direction that nature didn’t mean for it to go.  The referee could’ve counted to 1,000 and it wouldn’t have mattered.  Reeves wins his seventh straight and moves to   10-2-1.  Barakat drops to 5-2.  No word on Barakat’s condition as medical personnel came in and took him away on a stretcher.
Light heavies Shakeel Phinn and Danny Waters are in the ring and ready to rumble.   In round one Phinn doubled up on his jab and kept Waters at bay when doing so.  Phinn’s round.

In the second round Phinn opened up a bit behind the jab and landed a solid uppercut that stopped Waters in his tracks.  Phinn controllled the round in is up 20-18.

In round three, Waters took advantage of Phinn smothering his own punches and scored inside for parts of the round.  This is a round that couldve gone either way.  The Fight Journal scored it for Phinn.

In the final stanza, Phinn regained command to close the show. He knocked Waters’ mouthpiece out in the final 15 seconds of the round.  Phinn clearly had an edge in this one.

Scores were unanimous for Phinn at 39-37, 40-36 twice.


Photo:  Juan Marshall
Photo: Juan Marshall


In a junior middleweight laugher, Kevin Womack landed the first punch he threw and dropped Tyeson Harrison.

Tyeson did exactly what he came to do… Lose and get paid!

Womack, 7-5-3 chased Harrison (2-3) and dropped him two or three times (I lost count) with body shots before the referee mercifully stoppped the madness.

In a four round welterweight matchup, Travis McClaren took on Damont Giddins.  McClaren landed the harder, more effective punches through three rounds… AND THEN CAME THE PAIN!

McClarren dropped Giddins with a straight right in the second frame, but didn’t press the issue enough to do more damage before the bell.

The third round didn’t yield too much action, and McClaren seemed to be in control.  Then came the fourth round….

For some reason, McClaren inexplicably decided to get into a war with Giddins. As McClaren’s cornermen implored him not to get into a war, it fell on deaf ears as Giddins caught McClaren with a big shot and McClaren went down hard. He got up on extremely unsteady legs, but was allowed to continue.

As they traded punches once again, McClaren couldn’t hold Giddins off as he closed the show with a variety of punches. Giddins moves to 2-1, while McClaren drops to 1-7.

In a back and forth heavyweight four round matchup, Dennis Benson pulled out a split decision victory over Carlos Black.

The bout was sloppy at times, as in the final rounds Black seemed to miss more than Benson. Benson worked the body in the final two stanzas and let his hands go to the head and body, which was the difference.  Judges had it 39-37 twice for Benson and 39-37 for Black.


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