Thurman stops Collazo in 8th round in front of Tampa home crowd!


Story by:  Chip Mitchell

Welterweight title-holder Keith “One Time”Thurman improved to 26-0 (22 KOs) when challenger Luis Collazo (now 36-7, 19 KOs)retired on his stool before the eighth round.

Collazo had a few cuts over his right eye and  told the ringside physician that he couldn’t see, and the referee ruled it a TKO for Collazo.  I disagree with the ruling because the cut(s) were caused by accidental headbutts.

Everyone seems to be giving the bad decision a pass because Thurman was ahead on all cards, but that’s the problem with boxing.  The sport never seems to get it right.  What if Thurman wasn’t ahead on the cards?  Do we have a problem then?  The Florida State Boxing Commission should be held accountable, as well as the referees, and maybe even the judges.

Thurman fought well early on and after a few rounds it seemed like an easy night at the office.  Thurman picked his shots and moved around in a crafty enough way to frustrate the veteran Collazo early on.   Thurman avoided and ducked many of Collazo’s punches and landed solid shots in return.

However, as I mentioned, Collazo is a veteran.  He came to life in the fifth and sixth rounds by letting his hands go.  It paid off for Collazo in the fifth, as he hurt Thurman badly with a body shot.  The “liver shot” to Thurman’s lower right ribcage had him visibly hurt and gasping for air while trying to avoid more punishment.  The course of the fight shifted and Collazo should’ve shown more urgency in his chase.  Thurman turned defensive and held and moved for the remainder of the round.

Collazo had a good sixth round, enough to win it, but couldn’t capitalize on the damage from the previous round.

Thurman took control again in the seventh and landed some good shots, some of which further damaged Collazo’s eye.

The fight was waved off in between the seventh and eighth rounds and we should’ve went to the cards.  I spoke on the problem I have with the TKO decision in an aforementioned paragraph.  I also have a couple of other problems.  Here they are:

I can’t name or number the many blogs, websites, and Facebook and Twitter pages that are critical of Thurman.  Armchair boxing fans with statement suck as “Thurman sucked.  He got exposed”, or “No way this bum could beat Money May!”

Well when “Money May” got rocked twice by an ancient Shane Mosley, was he a bum?  Or when “Money May” struggled twice with slow, wide-swinging Marcos Maidana, did Mayweather get exposed?

Another factor is that many fans had never heard of Collazo before he stopped the Clown Prince of Boxing, Victor Ortiz.  if they did, they would know that Luis Collazo is a devastating body puncher.  He gave Ricky Hatton and a few other fits with his body attack, so much so that referee interference protected them.

The shot he hit Thurman with would’ve put most fighters down.  It would’ve stopped many fighters too.  Thurman weathered the storm and secured his victory.  He should be commended, not ridiculed.

Fans, check out some video from Collazo’s early fights.  Check out Gennady Golovkin to see what a liver shot can do to a guy.  Watch Golovkin vs. Matthew Macklin to see what a liver shot can do.  Watch Mickey Ward vs. Alfonso Sanchez to see what a liver shot can do.  Watch Bernard Hopkins vs. De La Hoya to see what a liver shot can do.

Let’s not call Keith Thurman a bum because a solid veteran asked him some questions that he was able to answer.  There were 26 fighters who may have thought Thurman was the same bum fighter that you call him.  Only four of those 26 saw the final bell.

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