postolStory by:  Robert Uzzell

Viktor “The Iceman” Postol (28-0, 12 KOs) of Kiev, Ukraine defeated Argentina’s Lucas “La Máquina” Matthysse (37-4, 34 KOs) via tenth-round knockout to gain the WBC portion of the 1440-pound title.

Postol had no knockout power to speak of during his career and then steps up and stops his two toughest foes.  Hmm…

Here is the post-fight reaction from Carson, California:

Viktor Postol:

“The [knockout] punch felt natural to me because we practice it over and over at Wild Card.  I started boxing when I was 12 years old in a gym outside of Kiev. My ultimate goal was to win a world championship even when I was a little boy. I made a decision to come to America, which is the mecca of boxing. This is my third fight with [trainer] Freddie Roach. I am the [WBC] champion because of Freddie and my other trainers at Wild Card. They taught me and they gave me strategy. During this fight, they told me what to do. I followed Freddie’s instructions and I threw that last combination to win the fight”

Freddie Roach:

“Before the last round, I told our corner that our opponent was very tired and ready to go out. He was coming in with his head leaning down. We told Viktor now is the time for a right uppercut and a left hook. Viktor is a good student of the game. He followed the game plan perfectly. This was, really, one of the greatest wins of my career.”

Bob Arum:

“Postol will be a force in the 140 and 147 positions. He is difficult to fight against, Top Rank will have a lot of big fights scheduled for him.”

“I felt comfortable with the pace of the fight,” said Lucas Matthysse.  “I also feel that I had dominated a few rounds and we were even in the cards. But, he got me with that right cross and hit my left eye. I felt there was damage to my eye and I also didn’t feel my body. The pain was instant and I knew I had to stop because I wasn’t sure what my eye looked like. But, fortunately nothing happened. My team tells me that it looks good. But, Postol is not the best yet.

Mario Arano:

“At the seventh round, I felt it was 7-2 in Lucas’ favor.  But, after the seventh round, I could see Lucas getting tired, which surprised me because we had one of the best training camps in his career. Unfortunately in boxing, sometimes you have a good night and sometimes a bad one. Tonight was an example of a bad night. This is not the end for Lucas.”

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