Story by:  Chip Mitchell

Manny Pacquiao will settle the score in a rubber-match on April 9 with Timothy Bradley Jr , says promoter Bob Arum.

This fight was initially billed as Pacquiao’s final fight, but sources close to Team Pacquiao say “not so fast, my friend.”

“We won’t sell it as Manny’s final fight,” Arum told on Tuesday. “We won’t do that for the simple fact that – anything could happen. Sure, it could very well be his last ever fight. But should he turn around one day and say he wants to fight again, we will look like a bunch of hucksters in selling the fight that way.

Pacquiao, (57-6-2, 38 KOs) has been sidelined since his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. last May.  However, “Pac-Man” has deemed the shoulder to be completely healed and he’s ready to go for April.

Bradley, (33-1-1, 13 KOs) won the first encounter by a close margin in a fight that many (not me) thought Pacquiao won.  The rematch saw Bradley seemingly ready to seize control early on, then inexplicably attempting to become Mike Tyson over the second half of the fight.

While Pacquiao is pursuing political aspirations, Bradley is fresh off a November knockout of Brandon Rios.  I’m not sure if it was Bradley being featured in that fight as much as Teddy Atlas.  Either way, you have to give some credibility to the matchup of trainers.  I don’t think they like each other and it brings intrigue to a matchup that some fans don’t want to see.

Win, lose, or draw, I think Pacquiao’s ultimate goal is a Mayweather rematch… for legacy, for clarity, and, of course, for payola.

More to come as news breaks…



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