Story by:  Chip Mitchell

Anthony Peterson won a 10-round unanimous decision over Samuel Kotey “Unbelievable” Neequaye.  The two fighters fought in a phone booth style fight at close range with both giving and taking at points of each round.

Peterson landed the more telling blows throughout the fight, but Neequaye worked hard and landed his shots in spurts.  It was an ebb-and-flow bout and while Neequaye found success up top, Peterson’s work to the body was effective enough to keep Samuel off at times.

The judges scored the fight for Peterson with scores of 100-90, 97-93 and 96-94.  I thought the fight was close and will watch it again and rescore it.  Watching it live, I scored it 96-94 for Peterson.  Peterson moves to 37-1, 24 KOs.  Neequaye drops to 22-2, 15 KOs.


“I’m happy to be back. It felt good to get touched and get some work in. I haven’t gone 10 rounds since March of 2014.

“A fighter is lying if he says he wants rounds. Fighters want the knockout, but I’m not complaining about getting the work in.
“He was a little more awkward than I thought he was going to be. He was tough. He threw some wide shots. 
“When you take a shower, do you expect to get wet? Well, when you fight, you better expect to get hit.
“I am more ready now than ever.  I want to stay busy.”

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