Anthony “Juice” Young 149, Eduardo Flores 154.2




Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna 155, Engleberto Valenzuela 153.2



Fanlong Meng 178,2 – Daniel Judah 177

Donald Smith 125 – Cameron Cain 125.4

Dan Pasciolla 246 – Dante Selby 223.2

Christian Carto 117.9 – Christopher Nelson 117.4

Marvin Johnson 139.7 – Lamont White 144

Zhang Zhilel 255.5 – Rodney Hernandez 248.7

Kevin Asmat 120 – Dallas Holden 119.3

Promoter: Rising Promotions Venue:  The Claridge Hotel 1st Bell:  7 PM ET


Tickets are $125 for premium, $77 Ringside stage and $52 reserved and are available at www.risingboxingpromotions.com or 609-487-4444


Facebook.com/risingstarboxing  Instagram: @risingpromo


About Rising Promotions:

Rising Promotions was created with the intent of becoming a house hold name with the key objective of Rising Promotions being able to coordinate an array of diversified special events within the sports and entertainment industry, The CEO and partners at Rising Promotions feel that the opportunities for growth are endless. We would like to give opportunities to up and coming professional as well as amateur boxers that other promoters would not readily give opportunity to. The events that Rising plans to coordinate will provide much needed affordable, family-friendly sports entertainment. For More information and Credentials, Contact:


Marc Abrams at phillyboxing@gmail.com, 856 287 7611 or www.abramboxing.com


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