FAAMM on a roll as new WMMMA Argentina



MONTE CARLO, Monaco (October 27, 2016)- The future of the new World MMA Association (WMMAA) Argentina is bright with unlimited opportunities for future growth, largely due to Argentina’s youths continuing to drive increased consumption of healthier lifestyles.

FAAMM, the Argentinean MMA Federation, restructured its organization under the leadership of president Diego Fernandez to earn WMMAA Pan-American Division’s fastest growing federation to date.

“One of my main objectives was to share the organization’s (FAAMA) story with the government and the private sector community to bring its competitive advantages to light,” Fernandez explained in an interview with ENLACE. “I also leveraged the WMMAA skills and resources to help guide the due diligence and restructing to emerge with the proudly earned name, WMMAA ARGENTINA.

“Transforming the organization from an association to a federation and now known to the world as WMMAA Argentina was the largest progressive step we’ve completed to date in the organization’s history. The business model as the new WMMAA Argentina is very straightforward: our job to help our nation’s athletes.”

The new Argentina has a prominent footprint with many qualified board members. The new WMMAA Argentina is well positioned to offer customized solutions that drive increased value, developed from a mere structure provider into a services and solutions organization for the sport in all aspects.

WMMAA Argentina has solid reporting, industry-leading analytics and repeatable methodologies, plus hard-working members, collogues and full support from the WMMAA Pan-American Division.





Twitter: @theWMMAA

Instagram: @worldmmaa


CONTACT: Bob Trieger, Full Court PRESS, 1.978.590.0470, bobtfcp@hotmail.com @FightPublicist


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