Bernard Hopkins, aka “The Executioner” aka “The Alien” aka “Heads” aka “Hard Nard” literally took a hard fall in what was probably his last professional fight.  If it was, the irony here is his career ended in a way we never witnessed in 67 bouts.


Joe Smith Jr (23-1, 19 KOs) landed a left-right-left combination in the eighth that sent Hopkins through the ropes and onto the floor, his back and head leading the way.  Hopkins was unable to beat the 20-count by referee Jack Reiss.


After absorbing many shots from Smith and seemingly trailing big on the cards, we discover the fight was up for grabs at he point of stoppage.  Thomas Taylor had the bout 69-64 for Smith Jr.  Tim Cheatham had it 67-66 for Smith Jr, which is head- scratching.  Pat Russell was even worse, scoring it 67-66 for Hopkins.  I hope no one who approached Russell after the fight tripped over his seeing-eye dog.


Check it out:


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