Press Release – Wilson Fight Night Press Conference Quotes and Photos

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Wilson Fight Night Press Conference Quotes and Photos
Photo Credits/Xander Photography/Clayton Wills
Top Catz Boxing Presents Wilson Fight Night – “Small Town Big Dreams” Feb 4 at The Bill Ellis Convention Center In Wilson, NC
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Wilson, NC (January 19) – Undefeated Austin “Babyface Assassin” Bryant and co-main event participants, Pablo Velez Jr and Jamar Freeman held a press conference on Tuesday, January 17 to kickoff Top Catz Boxing’s February 4 Wilson Fight Night – “Small Town Big Dreams” professional boxing card to be held at the Bill Ellis Convention Center.
The doors will open at 6PM and the first bout will start at 7PM.
Tickets to the Top Catz Boxing promoted event are priced at $20 and $35. The $75 ringside seats are SOLD OUT!  Tickets are available online at or at – Tickets can also be purchased by calling 919 701-CATZ.
The press conference was lively, and the fighters were joined by their trainers and undercard participants (Jo-El Caudle, Anthony Sonnier, Donnie Marshall, and Marko Bailey) Tuesday afternoon at the Holiday Inn Express located at 2308 Montgomery Dr in Wilson, NC.  Everyone in attendance enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by El Tapita located at 2921 Raleigh Rd Parkway W.  Here is what the fighters and trainers had to say:
Austin Bryant 
“I’m looking forward to Feb 4, and putting on a show for Wilson.”
“I’m expecting this fight to go about one and a half rounds.”
“I’m young.  I’m pretty.  I’m white, and I can fight.  That’s all I got to say.”
Leroy Gray (Austin Bryant’s Trainer)
“I’m most excited about Austin’s return to the gym.  It was like a long lost son left town, and now he has made it back to town to get prepped for this fight. “
“I’m from North Carolina, and I’ve been to Philly, and I’ve been to other places.  I do know there is some great talent here.”
Pablo Velez Jr. 
“I’m at a point in my career where it is time to level up.  Time to move on to the next level.  I feel ready.  One thing I know this is going to be is entertaining.”
“It’s time to go to war.  you will all be thrilled and have a good time.”
“I’m the type of person no matter who goes into that ring with me.  Whether they are 50-0 or 0-50, any man that steps into the ring with me deserves respect, so I give them respect.  Boxing is a sport where any punch can take you out so you have to stay on your p’s and q’s and be sharp.”
“I’m training for the unknown, so whatever comes my way I’m ready for it.”
Coach Keedar Massey
“This is going to be a history making event in North Carolina.”
We want to thank Jamar Freeman for the opportunity.
We wanted this fight, and one of the reasons we wanted it is because it is time for Pablo to step up and step out.
“I’ve known Jamar for a long time.  I know he will come to fight.  We are well prepared for everything we need to do.”
“This is going to be a great fight.   If you haven’t bought your tickets, you need to purchase them now.  We come to bring some fire.”
Jamar Freeman
“On Feb 4, we will be prepared.  I’ve been knowing Pablo since “08” “09.”  I know he is coming to fight.  He is coming to bring everything.”
“This is going to be a great fight.  I plan on being victorious.  We are already ready.”
“The team is working the hell out of me.”
“You need every fight.  The losses…you have to take the good with the bad.”
“We have had 10 weeks to prepare.  Every loss I’ve had has been less than 1 or 2 weeks notice.”
Coach Derek Reed (Coach D)
“All I got to say is the “O” will go!”
Tony Meeks
“I’m excited about Wilson Fight Night.  We have a heck of a team.”
“This is going to be a show of all shows that North Carolina has not seen in awhile.”
“This is exciting.  Something nobody has seen in Wilson.  Pretty much nobody has seen in North Carolina in many many years.”
Michelle Rosado (Raging Babe)
“This is the beginning of a new “Glove Affair” in North Carolina.”
“Feb 4 (Wilson Fight Night) is going to be special.  I can promise you that.”
For more information about Wilson Fight Night – “Small Town Big Dreams,” follow Top Catz Boxing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @TOPCATZBOXING.
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Top Catz Boxing 919 701-CATZ
Tony Meeks 252 230-2630
Michelle Rosado 267 575-0000
Chris Williams 919 244-0416

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