Nate Campbell’s New TV Talk Show to air January 28, 2017: Experience The Galaxxy

Jacksonville, Fl – Three belt former world boxing champion Nate “The Galaxxy Warrior” Campbell stars in his new internet TV talk show: Experience The Galaxxy with Nate Campbell. The Premier episode airs this Saturday January 28, 2017 at 7 p.m. ET.

Campbell, known for his brash, no holds barred style in and out of the ring brings his sharp wit and deeply held political and social views to his new show Experience The Galaxxy ( A Reference to his boxing ring nickname: The Galaxxy Warrior). His new show features Campbell in the new LDLTV state of art Jacksonville, Florida studio with eight HD cameras and the ability to accept live Skype video and phone calls as he talks about being an African-American male living in today’s America. Campbell says he will talk about politics, sports, social issues such as discrimination, political correctness and a host of other topics from his quasi-conservative point of view. The 90 Minute show will feature guests from the sports, political and entertainment worlds in studio with Campbell.

Campbell’s new show will be a first in internet talk show streaming. It will stream live in 1080 HD video and sound on the four major internet platforms simultaneously: Periscope, Ustream, YouTube and on Facebook Live. Campbell will take live Skype Video calls from fans and will read questions from multiple chat rooms, text messages, phone calls and e-mail. Campbell, a native of Jacksonville, Florida says: “No questions will go unanswered.

Nate Campbell’s Experience The Galaxxy Press release Page 2

Come January 28th it’s open season on all challengers” Campbell said ” You may not like my opinion but you will respect it, I guarantee that.”

Campbell’s new show will air every Saturday at 7 p.m. ET for the first ten episodes starting January 28, 2017 at 7 p.m. ET and then will air twice a week starting in April, 2017. The show is being produced by LDLTV in the LDLTV Studios in Jacksonville, Florida. LDLTV has produced over 150 live streams of Boxing, MMA, The Talkin’ Boxing with Billy C Fight Night Specials, concerts and more since 2009 including the Roy Jones vs. Max Alexander Pay Per View Event which drew the largest Boxing Pay Per View Audience in the history of

Experience The Galaxxy with Nate Campbell can be viewed any number of ways via Smart Phones, Tablets Computers and even smart TV’s.

The addresses for the various streams are:

Web Site:




Facebook Live:

Periscope: @NateGalaxxy


Viewers can be a part of show via Skype, Phone, Chat or e-mail:

Skype Video: LDLTVLive1

Stduio Call in Line: (904)-302-7220


Chat Rooms are located in the live feeds of YouTube, Ustream Periscope, and Facebook Live.

For Press Information please contact:

John Moceyunas – LDLTV

Phone (954) 882-1060

E-mail: John@LD


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