Andrzej Fonfara says if Chavez Jr. makes weight smart, he can beat Canelo

Andrzej Fonfara says if Chavez Jr. makes weight smart, he can beat Canelo


Photo Credit: Stephanie Trapp


By Phil D Jay –

Chavez Jr. has agreed a 164.5 pound catchweight to face Canelo on Cinco de Mayo weekend in Las Vegas, a limit three and a half pounds less than for the 30 year-old’s most recent win over Dominic Britsch.

Notorious for having weight issues in the past, Chavez could give away his best attributes by boiling down too much for Canelo, whilst Fonfara says the Mexican has a chance of victory if he goes about his task in the correct manner.

“If Chavez Jr. will make weight wisely and is going to be in the best shape ever, he can win because he is the bigger and stronger boxer,” Fonfara, who defeated Chavez in nine rounds back in April 2015, exclusively explained to World Boxing News.

“Canelo might be faster and this can be problematic and frustrating for Chavez. This won’t be good for him if he is slowed down, but for sure it will be a very interesting fight.”

Asked whether he believed Chavez Jr. could even make 164.5, Fonfara answered: “I think he can make it, but going back to the previous answer given, he needs to make it in a smart way to keep his strength and power in the fight.” Continue Reading…

Mario Serrano

Publicist – Team Plant



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