“I knew that Adrian Granados was going to come tough. At the end of the day, I was beating him up. This was an easy one for me. I feel good.
“Adrian Granados is a world class fighter, a lot of guys duck him but I wanted to fight him because that’s what I’m about. I hurt my left hand in the first round, since then I couldn’t throw my jab as much. That’s why I had to stay inside. I couldn’t use my jab but i adjusted.
“Inside this ring it’s business. Granados is a great friend of mine. It’s nothing personal.
“I’m taking my career more seriously and being more positive. I want to apologize to everyone who looks up to me and has seen the foolish things I’ve done. I’m ready to be a better role model, a better father figure and a better star for everyone. “
“I knew it wouldn’t be a pretty fight but I’m so thankful to my team. Broner knows there were lots of games played leading up to this, I just want to be treated fairly. I know I don’t have a perfect record, but I can beat anybody. Let’s do it again. 

“He fought smart and did his thing. If he thinks he did it this time, let’s do it again. I want it at my house.”


From CompuBox: 

In a fight that pitted Broner’s accuracy (41%-21% overall, 46%-23%
power) and counterpunching against Granados’ superior activity (68.3 per round to Broner’s 40.3), Broner eked out a highly competitive decision over his former sparring partner who fought anything like one. The round-by-round breakdowns, however, explained Broner’s victory as “The Problem” led 7 rounds to 3 overall, 3-2-5 jabs and 6-3-1 power. Broner also out-landed Grandos in each of the final three rounds and led 55-27 overall as well 51-36 power. Broner said after the fight he injured his left hand early, which he said forced him to wage war in the trenches.

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