David Avanesyan vs. Lamont Peterson Quotes and Scorecards


Result: Lamont Peterson Winner by Unanimous Decision

Scores: 115-113, 116-112 x2

“I was expecting to pick up where I left off. Sixteen months may seem like a long time, but if you keep in the gym and you’re still working on your craft, it’s not a long time.
“It gave me time to work on some things. Conditioning and technique. I took some steps forward tonight. I’m looking to get back in camp and keep moving.
“I expected to put pressure on him the way I did. I didn’t think he would come back and fight at times as hard as he did. He showed up and showed why he’s a champion and why he belongs on this level. 
“[On fighting the winner of Thurman v. Garcia] Of course. I want anyone in the welterweight division.
“I am totally comfortable at this weight.”
“I’m just happy to be back in the ring. I got 12 good rounds in and I’m hoping to get back in the ring soon.

“He didn’t do much that surprised me. If anything I didn’t expect him to fight back as much when I started picking up the pace. 
“I knew I had him from the start, he couldn’t get past my jab and I knew I could execute my game plan.”
“I thought it was a close fight and I thought that I was landing my punches more cleanly while his punches were being blocked. Lamont is very good but I thought the judges were impressed with his movement, but I had the power.
“I understand it would be hard to win a decision in the U.S. I’m upset I lost my title but I will keep fighting and I’d love to fight Lamont again.” 

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