Wrestling history and boxing like never before on FITE


Story by:    Ivan Hadzhiev

This is the week when something great in boxing comes to FITE. On Friday the 24th we will stream the bout between the undefeated Eleider “Storm” Alvarez and Lucian Bute. With a title on the line and a chance to fight again for another one this will surely be a match that sees the best from both of them.


Kickboxing and MMA fans will have a chance to watch matches from around the world beginning with Thursday’s Battle Warriors 2 from Russia and a new country each following day.


And for wrestling fans there is a grand surprise. We have dug deep into the past of the wrestling world and uncovered gold just for you! The Kayfabe commentaries have come to FITE to shine light on the sides of WWE wrestling that could not have been seen before.


Each 2-hour interview sees a wrestling star tell what really happened in the wrestling world during a year. Backstage secrets spill while they answer questions that had been waiting years to be answered. This is not only a look backstage – this is the whole story from the other side of the curtain.


And who is to bring this to light better than Sean Oliver – a man who not only knows how to ask the best questions but also gives interesting answers. SoCalVal agrees and interviews him in the video below.


They talk of how his love for wrestling came to be, his idea to make a historical retelling of the wrestling world and build on his original idea of a book on wrestling – by letting the stars be its narrators and create hours of movie-interviews.

An excerpt of one of those interviews is also attached below. He speaks of what the day of a wrestler is like and the name Kevin Nash speaks for itself.

Interview with Sean Oliver


Kevin Nash Interview Excerpt



Live This Week

All Month Long TNA Legends: Greatest Women’s Matches 2 Wrestling
Price: $4.99

All month long TNA One Night Only: Jokers Wild Wrestling
Price: $14.99

Thursday Feb. 23 12:00pm ET Battle Warriors 2 MMA
Featuring: Ramis Teregulov (Russia) vs. Bacar Balde (France)
Live from Samara, Russia
Price: Free

Friday Feb. 24 8:00pm ET Eleider Alarez vs. Lucian Bute Boxing
Featuring: Alvarez (20-0-0, 10 Kos) vs. Bute (32-3-1, 25 Kos)
Live from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Price: $29.99

Saturday Feb. 25 12 noon ET KOK Hero’s Series Kickboxing
Featuring: Rodney Uralime (Holland) vs. Vitalijs Buhrjakov (Latvia)
Live from Riga, Latvia
Price: $4.99

Sunday February 26th 7:20am ET MAX Muay Thai Muay Thai
Live from Bangkok, Thailand
Price: $10.99

Sunday February 26th 2:30pm ET WCA presents Aisudan Kickboxing Kickboxing
Live from Montreal
Price: $7.99

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Next Week

Wednesday March 1 8:00pm ET TNA Legends: World Title Matches 2 Wrestling

Friday March 3 4:00am ET Diamondback Fighting Championships (Australia) MMA

Friday March 3 8:00pm ET Gateway Fighting Series 8 (St. Charles, MO) MMA

Saturday March 4 12:00pm ET Supreme Night Fight 2 (Romania) MMA

Saturday March 4 1:00pm ET Austrian Fight Challenge 5 (Austria) MMA

Sunday March 5 7:20am ET Max Muay Thai (Bangkok) Muay Thai

Sunday March 5 6:00pm ET Big League Wrestling Mr. Anderson vs. MVP (UK) Wrestling

Weekly Original Programs (Debut Times)

UWN presents Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Sundays at 7:00pm ET
Talking Boxing with Billy C Daily Monday – Friday at 9:00am ET
Ring of Honor Wrestling Mondays at 7:00pm ET
Fully Loaded Wrestling Mondays at 9:00pm ET
Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling Wednesdays at 8:00pm ET
ICW Fight Club Thursdays at 6:00pm ET
This Week’s Fight Highlights: Total Combat Thursdays at 7:00pm ET
Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Thursdays at 8:00pm ET
PWR Feedback Fridays Fridays at 8:00pm ET
Pro Wrestling Report: Prime Time Saturdays at 8:00pm ET


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