World Class MMA on FITE


Ivan Hadzhiev:

This week we have some MMA events from around the world coming to FITE and they are here to show that they have what it takes to compete with the best.


Starting early on the Friday the 3rd of March we have Diamondback Fighting Championships live from Australia. It will feature Shane Mitchell vs. Brandon Ropati. If you can’t catch it there will be a replay.


Later we are going back to Missouri to stream Gateway Fighting Series 8 with Trevon Crawford vs. Jace Kyle Burcham and Brittany Cloud vs. Savannah Shahan.


On the 4th it is Austrian Fight Challenge 5 that will hook you in with the fight between Aleksandar Rakic and Sergio “Kreator” Souza.


Wrestling fans can enjoy the match between Mr. Anderson and Alberto El Patron this Sunday, live from the UK when Big League Wrestling: Gold Rush will stream.


And just to remind you that Kayfabe commentaries are now on FITE – here are some interesting interview excerpts just for you

Jim Cornette Interview Promo


Vince Russo Interview Promo





Live This Week

Wed. March 1   8:00pm ET (Debut)         TNA Legends:  World Title Matches 2              Wrestling

Price: $4.99


Friday March 3                4:00am ET          Diamondback Fighting Championships (Australia)          MMA

Featuring: Shane Mitchell vs. Brandon Ropati

Live from Australia

Price: $14.99


Friday March 3                8:00pm ET          Gateway Fighting Series 8 (St. Charles, MO)      MMA

Featuring: Trevon Crawford vs. Jace Kyle Burcham, Brittany Cloud vs. Savannah Shahan

Live from St. Charles, MO

Price: $9.99


Saturday March 4           12:00pm ET       Supreme Night Fight 2 (Romania)                             MMA

Live from Romania

Price: Free


Saturday March 4           1:00pm ET          Austrian Fight Challenge 5 (Austria)                             MMA

Featuring: Aleksandar Rakic vs. Sergio “Kreator” Souza

Live from Austria

Price: $9.99


Sunday March 5              7:20am ET          Max Muay Thai (Bangkok)                                       Muay Thai

Live from Bangkok, Thailand

Price: $10.99


Sunday March 5              6:00pm ET          Big League Wrestling:  Gold Rush (UK)                   Wrestling

Featuring: Mr. Anderson vs. Alberto El Patron

From the UK

Price: $9.99


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Next Week

Friday March 10              2:30pm ET          Bellatrix (UK)                                  Women’s Wrestling

Friday March 10              6:00pm ET          Generation Next Wrestling                       Wrestling

Friday March 10              8:30pm ET          LA Fight Club                                                Boxing

Friday March 10              9:00pm ET          Ring of Honor 15th Anniversary                Wrestling

Saturday March 11         11:00am ET        WAW Saturday Show One (UK)               Wrestling

Saturday March 11         1:00pm ET          ACB 54 (Manchester, UK)                          MMA

Saturday March 11         2:30pm ET          WAW Saturday Show Two (UK)               Wrestling

Saturday March 11         7:00pm ET          Diamond Rock (Little Rock, AR)                Boxing

Saturday March 11         7:00pm ET          Premier FC 22(Agawam, MA)                   MMA

Saturday March 11         7:00pm ET          KOP 53  (Oklahoma City, OK)                    MMA

Saturday March 11         10:00pm ET       Prime Fighting 9 (Ridgefield, WA)              MMA

Sunday March 12            7:20am ET          Max Muay Thai (Thailand)                        Muay Thai

Sunday March 12            9:00pm ET          Best of the West Year 1                             Wrestling


Weekly Original Programs (Debut Times)


UWN presents Championship Wrestling from Hollywood                   Sundays at 7:00pm ET

Ring of Honor Wrestling                                                                                  Mondays at 7:00pm ET

Fully Loaded Wrestling                                                                                    Mondays at 9:00pm ET

Chaotic Classics Wrestling                                                                               Tuesdays at 7:00pm ET

Throwback Wrestling                                                                                        Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET

Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling                                                Wednesdays at 8:00pm ET

Insane Championship Wrestling                                                                   Thursdays at 6:00pm ET

This Week’s Fight Highlights: Total Combat                                              Thursdays at 7:00pm ET

New Wave Wrestling                                                                                        Thursdays at 8:00pm ET

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW)                                                                    Fridays at 7:00pm ET

PWR Feedback Fridays                                                                                     Fridays at 8:00pm ET

Pro Wrestling Report: Prime Time                                                               Fridays at 9:00pm ET

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