Press Release – Jamar Freeman and Jeremy Ramos Will Go To War In Main Event April 27 on Thursday Night Fights at the Armory

Thursday Night Fights at The Armory Freeman v Ramos.jpg

Durham, NC (March 16) – On April 27 at the Durham Armory in Durham, NC, Jamar Freeman and Jeremy Ramos will go to WAR in the main event on Top Catz Boxing in association with Raging Babe Thursday Night Fights at The Armory.
The heated war of words has already begun between Freeman 15-5-2 (8 KO’s) and Ramos 9-5 (4 KO’s). After Team Ramos made it known they hand picked and reached out to the opponent Freeman, the fireworks started.
Team Ramos saw Freeman’s February 4, eye-catching first round stoppage of Miguel Queliz.  They were less than impressed stating “Freeman beat a soft opponent in Queliz, but Freeman is all over the internet crying and complaining about all of his losses were because he fought on short notice.  he stopped a guy who fought him on short notice.  Whether he gets one week, two weeks, or six weeks, Jeremy Ramos is going to handle Jamar Freeman.”
Upon hearing Ramos’comments, Freeman humbly said, “We will make them regret that choice.  If they are making a decision on some losses on YouTube videos, they dumb.  They obviously aren’t too smart, and I will make them pay.”
Ramos, who is living in Colorado Springs, CO, but born in the boxing rich Bayamon, Puerto Rico has supreme confidence in his abilities and long boxing blood lines.  His brother and trainer Juan is a former fighter, and has been in the sport of boxing since he was twelve years old. Their brother Rafael Ramos is a world renowned referee and fighter.
Ramos is one of the toughest fighters in the sport of boxing and fears no man.  A deep amateur background with ninety fights, multiple Golden Gloves and national titles gives Ramos extreme confidence.
Team Ramos believes Jeremy is ready to show off his true talents, and he will be huge problem for Freeman.
Like Freeman, they also believe they have been given the short end of the stick in their five losses, and will demonstratively tell you of the five losses they have, only one was a real loss. The others were stolen in other peoples’ territory.  “David Valdivia was our only real loss.  Jeremy is talented and made of championship material.  This time, we are willing to call out and go to Freeman’s backyard to get a win and prove Jeremy is a great fighter.  We guarantee this will be his first step to a belt.”
Freeman, who is re-mastering himself after losses to two of the top Jr Middleweights in the world (Caleb Plant and Julian Williams), sees his fight with Ramos as an exciting opportunity:  “I’m excited fighting on Top Catz Boxing’s second show.  The fans always come out and show a lot of support.  In Ramos, I’m fighting a guy that is a tough solid opponent that has fought some of the best and has only lost to undefeated opposition.  From what I’ve seen of Ramos, he is coming to fight. But, I will be more than ready!”
While on paper this is Freeman’s biggest fight and an opportunity for DaTruth to beat a high caliber fighter, Freeman doesn’t see Ramos as a career defining fight, “Every fight is a big fight,so we will prepare like we always do.  I have more than enough time to prepare, and like I said before – we will be more than ready.”
Jamar Freeman vs. Jeremy Ramos headlines a Thursday Night Fights at the Armory card loaded with North Carolina talent.
Tickets to the event, which is promoted by Top Catz Boxing in Association with Raging Babe, are priced at $30, $40, and $75. Tickets will be available online at and or can also be purchased by calling 919 701-CATZ.
About Thursday Night Fights at The Armory
Top Catz Boxing in Association with Raging Babe presents Thursday Night Fights at The Armory Thursday, April 27, 2017 at the Durham Armory located at 220 Foster Street in Durham, NC. Doors open at 6PM. First fight at 7PM.
Thursday Night Fights at The Armory is a throwback to the golden days of boxing when legendary fights like “The Thrilla In Manilla” Ali- Frazier III, Hagler-Hearns, Tyson-Spinks, and Basillio-Robinson, to name a few, took place during the week.
Top Catz Boxing and Raging Babe want to take the Bull City by the horns, and produce a Thursday Night Fights at The Armory event designed to create legendary North Carolina fights and boxers. You will not want to miss this exciting night of entertainment at the Durham Armory located at 220 Foster Street in Durham, NC.
For more information about Thursday Night Fights at The Armory follow Top Catz Boxing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @TOPCATZBOXING.
Top Catz Boxing 919 701-CATZ
Gardner Payne 919 696-4756
Tony Meeks 252 230-2630
Michelle Rosado 267 575-0000
Chris Williams 919 244-0416

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