DiNardo Boxing Equipment is born from a historical experience in the field of Italian haute couture.




Filippo Leccese DiNardo, born inTurin,Italy in 1978, after having worked as a tailor in the family business, which was passed down from generation to generation,he decided to shift his attention and his skill for an artisan product.


After years of practice of the sport of boxing, and after obtaining the patents, which enable them to the teaching of the Noble Art,by analyzing constantly this industry and everything that surrounds it, began to devote himself to the creation of a line of boxing gloves made entirely by hand in Italy, only by Filippo.


Analyses with lot’s of attention, aspects that no manufacturer in the world consider,as for example the fact that the gloves after a short time of use, breakdown, and that there is no kind of support from the manufacturers of this product, and then those who buy a glove which breaks or has problems, has no other solution than to buy another pair,but not with Di Nardo.



DiNardo, Boxing Equipment, is a workshop, inTurin, Italy, specialized int he production of boxing gloves professional.


DiNardo gloves, is the only one of its kind, created by the hands of an expert craftsman, Filippo Leccese DiNardo, from which it takes its name,it is also important to indicate that he is the only one to touch the glove during the phases of production, up to the seal of the product itself.


All raw materials applied for the production of this product, are the result of a meticulous market research, whose aim is to transform this article into something superior, not just a boxing glove, but something long-lasting, indestructible, while maintaining unchanged the processes of craft production that distinguishes a product made by hand, from the municipalities and industrial articles, which now invade the world market, bringing in high with dignity and respect, the right value of Italian craftsmanship,100% pure made in Italy.


The boxing gloves are divided into two groups:

– Professional fighting gloves

– Professional training gloves


DiNardo training gloves are composed of a padding of moulded polyurethane foam and agglomeration of high-density, non-deformable,while the fighting boxing gloves,are made from a polyurethane foam padding and horsehair,which is very much appreciated by the sluggers boxers, as it is a padding very stiff and hard.


The outside of the glove is  created of genuine cowhide leather of first choice, tanned and processed according to ancient traditions of italian tanning, which are considered the best in the world.


The inside of the glove is lined entirely with a fabric made from polyamide and silver thread warp- knitted,anti-static and ultra-resistant to abrasion, with high antibacterial and anti odor permanent, giving the glove a high-tech look and file.


The trivial liners of polyester, or cotton canvas, jeans, commonly applied to the glove by the vast majority of the manufacturers of these articles, cause, the inside of the glove, the occurrence of unpleasant odors caused by high-bacterial load, with the consequence of being able to contract warts and/or fungus on the hands of the one who wears it.


DiNardo gloves is sewn entirely of wire or kevlar-non-deformable, with the same weight, 5 times stronger than steel,indestructible, resistant to heat and flames, applied up to now for the production of vests, anti-bullet, equipment for extreme sports, and much more.


In the end, DiNardo boxing gloves,are not only of boxing, but rather, pieces of art and innovation in this sector,the products one at a time with meticulous attention to detail, internal and external, undergo a high quality control of end production, and are always guaranteed by a service,assistance to the consumer,that only an artisan company can offer.


DiNardo boxing is not just this,it also produces groin guard, head-guard, punching-bags, focus mitt,and many other accessories and equipment, allowing the customer to choose between65 different colors of leather, from the common pastel shades,rolled,gold, silver,bronze, etc…..


DiNardo Boxing allows its customers to customize their products to their image and likeness, and personality,thus eliminating any barrier tot he imagination, and the art that teach of us can express.


Ashley Theophane:

I’ve been using Di Nardo boxing equipment for just under a year now. I love the boxing gloves. They protect my hands, feel comfortable and look good. The hands wraps, head guard and leather bags are all of top quality.

Ashley “Treasure” Theophane, member of Mayweather Promotions.


For More information Contact:


Marc Abrams at 856 287 7611 or


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