Press Release – Ramos Beats Freeman – Undercard Excites On Thursday Night Fights at The Armory


Jeremy Ramos (R) Lands on Jamar Freeman (L)

Photo Credits to Robert Pettus Photography/RDP3 Photography


Durham, NC – Jeremy Ramos and his Coach, Juan Ramos, hand picked Jamar Freeman for a fight in Freeman’s home state of North Carolina.  Whoa, were they ever right as Ramos beat Freeman by unanimous decision on the Top Catz Boxing in association with Raging Babe Thursday Night Fights at The Armory card.


Freeman established his jab early in round one, but wasn’t able to control the distance as Ramos calmly picked his spots to counter Freeman’s jab by sliding in to land two and three punch combinations.  While all of Ramos’ punches didn’t land, it set the stage for the later rounds.


By rounds three and four, it was evident Ramos was the aggressor.  Ramos used a short jab to get inside then move the taller Freeman away from the center of the ring where Ramos would land body shots, sharp hooks, and right hands.  Freeman 15-6-2 (8 KO’s) would escape danger, but when he had openings he would not take them.  “I needed to throw more punches tonight.  I wasn’t active.  I felt like I did enough to win, but I should have been busier with my hands,” said a dejected Freeman.


Ramos went all out on his attack in the fifth round, landing a clean shot that forced Freeman to stumble back to the ropes. Ramos stepped up the assault, but was unable to stop a recovering Freeman.


In the Final round, with chants of “Freeman, Freeman, Freeman” echoing throughout the raucous crowd, Freeman landed his best shots of the night.  He started with a left right combination which briefly staggered Ramos.  Ramos survived and began his attack as the crowd suddenly changed and starting chanting “Ramos, Ramos, Ramos.”  The wild final round ended with Freeman landing a few more hard shots, but it was too little too late as the final bell sounded and the Judges correctly scored the fight 58-56 all in favor of Jeremy “The Boxing Barber” Ramos.


Ramos’ likable demeanor and aggressive style won over the North Carolina crowd as he improved his record to 10-5 (4 KO’s). “It was so much fun fighting here, and we hope to come back.  I am not much of a talker, but I let my fist do the talking in the ring tonight.  We came here and did what we were supposed to.  I am so excited!”


Exciting Undercard Delivers A Big Punch For Thursday Night Fights at The Armory Crowd.


Hats off to Hall of fame Matchmaker Russel Peltz for delivering a boxing card that was full of excitement from top to bottom.


The ten bout card opened with a sensational KO by rising Super Middleweight star Eric Moon.  Moon dispatched of Eric Whitley faster than you could say Dame’s Chicken and Waffles.


Osnel Charles and Joseph (Don’t call me Joey) Figueroa battled in a spirited four round fight in which Charles ultimately did more to win the unanimous decision over the sturdy veteran Figueroa.


Alan Lawrence followed with a wicked first round KO of Johnny Mitchell, and then all hell broke loose as Austin “Babyface Assassin” Bryant entered the ring to AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells.”


Bryant 4-0 (4 KO’s), a crowd favorite, got the crowd into crazy mode as he and Lawrence Gabriel exchanged leather from the opening bell.  Gabriel 1-1, who saved people in a bar and survived four gun shots in doing so, showed true mettle as he stood toe to toe with Bryant.  A right left combination from Bryant all but ended it as Gabriel was rocked and two stepped then staggered back to his corner.  Bryant jumped on him, but the referee jumped in to stop it, and give Bryant a first round TKO victory.


Anthony “ACE” Sonnier 2-0 (2 KO’s) followed up with a second round stoppage of Sean O’Malley 0-2.  Sonnier, who has a devastating jab and extreme patience, peppered O’Malley with his jab for most of the first round.  O’Malley was no pushover as he forced Sonnier to reload and change up his game plan.


In round two,  Sonnier made an adjustment using his jab to paw and blind O’Malley. Sonnier then followed with a huge right hand that almost decapitated O’Malley. O’Malley survived the count, but only to meet a ferocity and killer instinct that Sonnier has never displayed.  One ringside observer yelled, “Jeezus.  Get him off the kid.”  Sonnier unleashed the frustrations of a long camp, and was nothing but excited afterwards.  “Coach got me ready and we were dealing with a lot of things outside the ring.  I got the win and got them off my chest.  Thank my team and family for this victory tonight.”


Mexican fighter, Carlos Olmeda 2-0 (2 KO’s) almost blew the roof off the Durham Armory with his entrance.  Led by an entourage carrying the Mexican flag, Olmeda wore a black, Mexican Poncho and black Sombrero.  Olmeda, making his Top Catz Boxing debut, did not disappoint as he stopped Noy’a McNair with a vicious body attack.  McNair 0-2 dropped like a stone in a lake and took a knee.  After being helped to a stool, McNair politely vomited all over the ring causing a fifteen minute delay.


The crowd quickly recovered from the break when Title Boxing and truly crowd favorite Heavyweight Nate Williams stepped over the top rope to make his pro boxing debut.  Williams 1-0 (1 KO), a former Division I basketball player, showed off his athleticism, power, and boxing skills as he blasted Brandon Maske 0-2 into submission.


“Dangerous” Donnie Marshall 4-0 (3 KO’s)followed with a four round decision over a very good Carltavius Johnson 1-1. Marshall controlled most of the fight and his corner yelled instructions for him to push the fight and end it with a KO, but Johnson was really crafty and good forcing Marshall out of his comfort zone and into a true thinking man’s fight.  After four rounds, Marshall won by UD, but he expressed disappointment.  “My corner was pushing for me to attack more to end the fight, but I let them down tonight.  I won’t next time.  Next time I will work harder to get the KO.”


Durham, NC’s #1 fighter Marko “Bull City Bully” Bailey 4-0 (3 KO’s) brought fans to their feet as he won a hard fought decision over a very game and previously unbeaten Vinny Denierio.  Denierio 1-1, a southpaw from Geneva, NY, survived the early onslaught from crowd favorite Bailey.  Bailey landed jabs and short right hands while staying in the pocket to offset Denierio’s southpaw stance.


Bailey controlled rounds 1, 2, and 3, but towards the end of 2, Denierio started finding a home for his hard left hand.  While the scorecards were out of reach, the left hand created drama for  the final round.


Bailey, visibly tired and now moving, was caught on the ropes with a left hand that sent spit flying everywhere.  Denierio came in for the kill, but Bailey was able to pivot and coolly get out of danger.  Denierio was desperate and jumped in trying to go for the kill, but Bailey reached down deep and met fire with fire.  As the crowd went wild chanting “Marko, Marko, Marko,” Bailey reached deep and landed short shots lefts and rights and both combatants stood toe to toe exchanging fire as the crowd went wild and the bell sounded to end a very entertaining fight.


Top Catz Boxing announced they will be back Thursday, June 22 with Durham Fight Night.  Another entertaining fight card is being planned, so stay tuned for big announcements.


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