Press Release – Top Catz Boxing Announces Anti-Bullying Initiative



Raleigh, NC (May 15) – Top Catz Boxing wants to do it’s part to put an end to bullying and announces an Anti-Bullying Initiative.


Top Catz Boxing has reached out to middle school principals at Durham County and Wake County schools to begin an Anti-Bullying Campaign, which will promote self-confidence, discipline, and a general awareness of the issue of bullying.


Many of the fighters involved with Top Catz Boxing were at one time victims of or witnesses to bullying.  For all, bullying played a role in their introduction to professional boxing.  Each fighter has a unique story and background that will inspire others to take positive steps to overcoming the bullying epidemic.


To find out what you can do, to learn more about the bullying facts, to get more information on the Top Catz Boxing Anti-Bullying Campaign, or to schedule Top Catz Boxing for your Anti-Bullying programs Contact:



Chris Williams  919 244-0416

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