Press Release – Durham Fight Night Press Conference Quotes and Photos



***For Immediate Release***

Durham, NC (June 15) – Top Catz Boxing kicked off their June 22 Durham Fight Night card with a press conference in Durham, NC introducing Top Catz Boxing CEO Tony Meeks, participants Heavyweight Nate Williams 1-0 (1 KO), “Dangerous” Donnie Marshall 5-0 (4 KO’s), Austin Bryant 4-0 (4 KO’s), and Miree “The Pink Panther” Coleman 6-3 (4 KO’s).

Here are the highlights from the press conference:

Tony Meeks
Tony Meeks.jpg

“If you come to our shows, it is entertainment to the max.  Real professionalism.”

“Top Catz Boxing’s goal is to sell out every show, and give young fighters a chance to grow.”

“On June 22, we have some great, young talent fighting from Indiana, Texas, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  It is going to be exciting 8 of 10 fights will probably go to the cards.”

Nate Williams
Nate Williams.jpg

“I’m one of the better fighters in the state of North Carolina.  Whoever steps up to fight me is going to feel it.”

“Basketball prepped me mentally for what I do now as a pro boxer.”

“My slogan is Go Hard! Do Work!”

“My future is my Next fight.”

“Dangerous” Donnie Marshall
Donnie Marshall.jpg

“My mom is the biggest Dangerous Donnie Marshall fan.”

“I’m excited to be back on a Top Catz Boxing card, because they always put on a good show.  I enjoy fighting for Top Catz Boxing.”

“I don’t feel pressure.  I just fight.”

“No matter hw much success you have, stay humble.”

“I want to win a title at 160 pounds.  It is either that or death for me trying to win it.”

Austin “BabyFace Assassin” Bryant
Austin Bryant.jpg

“If you are in my weight class (Cruiserweight), you better get out.”

“Hafiz Montgomery has to make weight for this fight, and it’s hard for a fat boy to make weight.”

“Hafiz Montgomery, I’m going to whip your ass!”

Miree “The Pink Panther” Coleman
Miree Coleman.jpg

“For anyone wondering why I call myself the Pink Panther, my mom is a two time breast cancer survivor, and my military unit was called the Panthers.  That is why I wear pink in the ring and called the pink panther.”

“This is my tenth pro fight and my opponent just happens to have the last name black.  I will give him a black eye as well as pink eye.”

“I’m coming off of a ten round robbery, and it was a title fight.  if you’d like, you can take a minute to pray for Black.  He will need it.”

“A lot of people say I “Entertain,” but I am just being myself.  When it comes to boxing, I am very serious.”

Tickets to the event, which is promoted by Top Catz Boxing, are priced at $30, $40, and $75. Tickets are available online at and or can be purchased by calling 919 701-2280.

About Durham Fight Night

Top Catz Boxing presents Durham Fight Night – “A Night of North Carolina’s Rising Stars” Thursday, June 22, 2017 at the Durham Armory located at 220 Foster Street in Durham, NC. Doors open at 6PM. First fight is at 7PM.

Durham Fight Night (#DFN) will be an exciting, fun filled night featuring North Carolina’s best rising stars in professional boxing. Newly crowned UBF Champion Maynard Allison, Carlos Olmeda, Nate Williams, Austin Bryant, and the return of the top entertainer in the sport of Boxing, “The Pink Panther” Miree Coleman are scheduled to compete.

Top Catz Boxing’s commitment to building local talent into stars and creating legendary North Carolina fights and boxers is reflected in Durham Fight Night – “A Night of North Carolina’s Rising Stars.”

For more information about Durham Fight Night – “A Night of North Carolina’s Rising Stars” follow Top Catz Boxing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @TOPCATZBOXING. Use the hashtag #DFN to follow, see, and contribute to exciting news and information on Social Media. You can also visit

Chris Williams 919 244-0416

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