Quotes & Photos From Washington Redskins Vernon Davis, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington & Mezlan Men’s Shoes Meet & Greet

David Fighting the Good Fight with Washington, D.C. kids!






Credit: Dexter Powell/Michael Bruins (Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington)

WASHINGTON, DC, (June 26, 2017)– Washington Redskins All-Pro Tight End Vernon Davis,Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington (BGCGW) and Mezlan® Men’s Shoes successfully kicked off their partnership, which celebrates mentorship, fatherhood & giving back, at an eventSaturday in the Mezlan store in Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. Through the partnership, which officially began on June 6 and will run through August 31, Mezlan® will donate 20% of proceeds to BGCGW when purchasers make an online or in-store purchase on the Mezlan® website using the promo code VD85.  The event, which featured a meet and greet and autograph signing for fans, followed a private VIP session Davis held for youth members of BGCGW where he offered words of advice, discussed adversity and how to overcome it, and answered questions.  Please see below quotes from Saturday:

VERNON DAVIS  “Today we’re celebrating fatherhood and mentorship and those things are important. My son is with me here today and it’s important that I’m here with you guys today, not only as a father, but because I know what it’s like to sit in your seat. As a kid, I always wanted to see that mentor walk in, and to me, my heroes were always the Michael Jordans and the Kobe Bryants of this world. “A lot of times there is a police officer or a firefighter walking in, but you don’t always have the opportunity for a professional athlete to walk in. I’m just a regular dude, and what I can give you guys today from a mentoring standpoint, you guys can go back and give to others.  “Whatever you guys can get from me, it means a lot. You can take that with you and you can make a difference in this world. It’s all about making a difference and that’s what we need more of. We need more fathers that are great at showing their kids how to be leaders and showing their kids what it’s like to make a difference.

“As a mentor, I want to see you all be successful, and I want to see you grow. I want to show you everything that I’ve learned through my experiences. I am still doing that right now. I put myself in front of guys that are older than me because I know I can learn a lot from them.  “Accept pressure, failure and adversity. That makes us better. Those are the things that made us great. That’s what I want to be – legendary.

“I do the same thing today as I did when I started playing football in 10th grade. I work out, train hard – with the team and by myself – and I do whatever I have to do to get there. I was always working. In practice, I’m the last one to leave the field, getting extra work in.

“I knew I was going to be successful one day. You have to stay positive and optimistic. Always think you can be successful and stay on right track.

“I played football and basketball growing up, but I think the most important thing for me was making sure I got good grades, because football and basketball is never guaranteed. You have to have something else and I’m sure that’s important to you guys too.  “My role model growing up was my grandmother. She taught me everything – how to be humble and respectful and to treat others the way I want to be treated.”   GABRIELLE WEBSTER, PRESIDENT & CEO, BGCGW

“Today was a good day for our young males.  It is vital for them to share experiences with role models, especially, someone like Vernon who genuinely cares about their future.”



“We need to give of ourselves to help develop the talents of our youth.  So let’s participate together to mentor, teach, & celebrate their achievements – alongside them. Kids need to feel free to dream, as I once did.  And they need to know that if they can dream it they can become it.”

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Contact:  Kristin Gregory | Swanson Communications kgregory@swansonpr.com | (339) 236-0484


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