Slammiversary Special Guests on FITE Live Chat Revealed

Impact Wrestling’s 15th anniversary is just around the corner and FITE is getting ready to host yet another star-studded chat session during livestream on the FITE app and website.
Scheduled to appear in the FITE chatroom are Impact’s superstars and Slammiversary contestants Eddie and Alisha EdwardsMooseEli Drake and Josh Mathews who will make cameo appearances to answer questions from viewers and discuss the show as it happens.
FITE TV’s residing star and special correspondent, So Cal Val, will host the discussion while watching the event together with FITE fans.
FITE Live chat traditionally gets a great turnout with fans cheering about their favorite athlete and celebrating the action together. Using just the FITE app, fans can watch the action live on the big screen TV while chatting with fellow fans online.
FITE chat is available for FITE Pay-Per-View viewers. To order the event and join the chat visit watch/impact-wrestling- slammiversary-2017/2k3cl/


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