Marcus Browne vs. Seanie Monaghan Post Fight Quotes




“I told Seanie afterward that I was thankful that he took the fight and stepped up to the plate. I hope he gets back in the ring to bounce back from this loss.


“I could tell that I hurt him, but I didn’t want to rush and walk into anything. I just took my time and allowed everything to fall into place.


“I’m honored and blessed to be a part of this event and I just want to move upwards and onward from here. I want a date with Adonis Stevenson next.


“It’s amazing to have this kind of exposure on FOX and FOX Deportes. I loved the opportunity to make new fans tonight.”



“It was an honor for me to represent Long Island. I knew that it was a big task tonight. Marcus is even faster than in sparring. I’ll be alright though, I’m happy to lose to a guy the quality of Marcus Browne.


“Marcus has always been a fast starter. He always comes out very fast. I thought I was ready for the speed, but he is very skilled. I think he’s going to go a long way.


“I love my fans and they really give me a lot of spirit when I’m digging through the trenches of training camp. We’ll be okay and I’ll be back in the ring.”P


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