Szpilka vs. Kownacki Fight Night Quotes




“I always knew that I had him. From the first shot I hit him in the body, I knew he didn’t have enough. My pressure was too much.


“I have a great trainer and a great team that has gotten me into great shape. I have to give them all of the credit.


“It took Deontay Wilder and Bryant Jennings a lot longer to get him out of there. But I still have things that I’m going to go back and fix. Once I improve those aspects of my game I think that a lot of people are going to know me.


“Whatever he was doing, I was ready for. I worked for four weeks with Tomasz Adamek in Poland and then four weeks here so it was really an ideal camp. I was able to really just focus on boxing and put myself in this position.”



“He hit me once with a good shot and after that I just never recovered. I think it was a left hook.


“I’m going to rest now. This was not how I wanted this to go and I’m very disappointed.


“I wish Adam the best going forward. This is a very hard moment for me.”


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