Adrien “The Problem” Broner vs. Mikey Garcia Breakdown and Prediction by Robert Uzzell


Story by:  Robert Uzzell

It’s time to take a look at‘s prediction for the Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia fight, set for July 29 in Brooklyn.

Tale of The Tape Adrien Broner Mikey Garcia
Age 27 (28 on fight night) 29
Current Status #9 World-rated welterweight WBC World lightweight champion
Professional Record 33-2-0, 24 KOs 36-0-0, 30 KOs
Height 5 ft 6 in 5 ft 6 in
Reach 68 in 69 in
Knockout Percentage 83% 67%
Previous Fight 01/28/2017 02/18/2017


On Saturday, July 29 on Showtime from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, a highly anticipated super lightweight (junior welterweight) matchup between current WBC World lightweight champion Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia and Adrien “The Problem” Broner takes place.  The fight will take place at 140 pounds.  Broner has fought at 140 and above the weight.  Garcia will make his 140-pound debut in the fight.

The 27-year-old Broner, (33-2-0, 24 KOs), of Cincy, Ohio enters the fight riding a three-fight winning streak, with two of those victories coming by way of knockout.  During that stretch, he’s beaten Adrian Granados (SD 10), Ashley Theophane (TKO 9), and Khabib Allakhverdiev (TKO 12). He’s also been in with Shawn Porter (L – UD12), John Molina Jr., (UD), Emmanuel Taylor (UD), Antonio DeMarco, Marcos Maidana (L- UD12), Paulie Malignaggi, and Daniel Ponce De Léon.

The 29 year old Mikey Garcia (36-0-0, 30 KOs) fights out of Oxnard, California. He is trained by his older brother, former IBF World champion Robert Garcia.  Garcia has stopped 12 of his last 14, with Juan Carlos Burgos (UD) and Orlando Salido (stopped due to head butt) the only two survivors.  Salido, the #1 ranked featherweight at the time, was dropped four times by Garcia in their WBO title fight prior to the stoppage.

Garcia also has wins over Dejan Zlaticanin (KO of the year candidate), Roman Martinez, Juan Manuel Lopez, Jonathan Victor Barros, Matt Remillard, and Oliver Lontchi.


Adrien Broner has very good hand speed and extreme physical talent.  He also has good pop on his punches when he sits down on them.  He has wonderful boxing skills and knows how to finish when he hurts his opponent.  He has a strong frame and understands punching in (flashy) combinations to the body and head when presented with it.  His quick and stiff jab is money when he uses it and he has an awesome left hook.  He’s got a good set of whiskers, being dropped by only the heavy hitting “El Chino” Maidana.

Mikey Garcia’s strengths begin with the power he has in both hands, especially the right.  He has good boxing skills and is an extremely sharp and accurate puncher.  Garcia seems to always know how to utilize proper spacing to get in the appropriate range to catch his foe.  One aspect of Mikey I admire is his patience. Garcia isn’t a bad body puncher either. His high KO rate comes from his patience to set the opponent up and not trying to mow them down, a la Mike Tyson.


When people talk about weight issues, usually they refer to Broner.  However, Mikey Garcia had struggles at 126 pounds and at 130.  After his world title victory over Salido, Garcia failed to make weight for Juan Manuel Lopez.  While he’ll be okay making 140, he (like other Robert Garcia fighters) hasn’t always been on the money for the weigh-ins.  Garcia is very patient, sometimes to a flaw.  Against Broner, who doesn’t handle pressure well, being patient could backfire.  Waiting around could allow Broner an opening for his lightning-fast jabs and combinations.  Mikey is fighting at a weight class he’s not been at.  Advantage Broner, as we don’t know how Mikey’s body will adapt to the weight or if he can take punches at 140.  Mikey likes boxing, but doesn’t love it.  If he’s faced with too tough of a challenge, will he pack it in as some suggested he did against Salido?  Mikey is also a notorious slow starter, which could hinder him if Broner turns on the juice early.  Mikey picks his spots and Broner could capitalize on catching Garcia with quick combinations while Mikey is thinking and searching for openings.  Could Broner be too fast for Mikey to counter?

Garcia hasn’t faced anyone with Broner’s speed.  Mikey Garcia also doesn’t have the resume (experience) that Broner has.  Some feel Salido is his best opponent.  Lastly, Mikey only has two fights since 2014.  Then he comes back in his third fight to take on a top junior welterweight.  Hmm…  A super fast junior welterweight who will be the best fighter he’s faced in the pros.  This could be too much too soon for Mikey.

Adrien Broner is extremely flatfooted and sometimes has too low of a work rate.  In the past, he’s struggled against pressure fighters.  Garcia employs patience over pressure so we’ll see how it plays out.  Broner had weight issues in the past and although I feel he’ll be fine in this fight, we never know.  Defensively, he works the shoulder roll incorrectly.  He stands too square and it causes him to be hit easier.  Instead of using his shoulder to block the straight right and his glove for hooks with his chin tucked, Adrien moves his head straight back.  He needs move his head to the side.  Lastly, for all his physical tools, AB isn’t always there mentally.  However, I don’t expect that to be a “Problem” in this fight.


Robert Uzzell

This fight could go a couple of ways and it’s truly going to answer some questions. Will Broner be drained at the weight?  Can Mikey Garcia carry his power to 140?  Can Garcia take Broner’s punches at this weight?  Can Broner remain focused outside of his legal troubles?

Are you as good as your last fight?  If so, Mikey Garcia should be excited as he starched Dejan Zlaticanin.  Broner reached pay dirt also, albeit in a more workmanlike fashion over spoiler Adrian Granados.

Adrien Broner is going to box well in this fight.  He has a lot stake and it will show with his performance.  He’s won three in row.  However, none of those fighters had power to fear like Garcia.  Adrien has to come out strong and carry this fight fast.  He needs to get his jab to the head and body active to keep Garcia honest. 

I think Garcia’s power is real and it will carry up to 140.  Broner will feel it and get dropped.    He’s just too susceptible to the straight (overhand) right hand.  Garcia is going to catch Broner either trying to rest or by timing him off a counter to knock him down.  I believe Broner will also catch Garcia with an answer of his own, possibly that sweeping left hook.  Which comes first will be left to the imagination.

Garcia hasn’t had to deal with anyone as big or as fast as AB.  Broner, on the other hand dealt with not only Maidana’s power, but his awkward punch angles.  Will it serve him well here?  Garcia has also been down before with a solid counter right by Roman Martinez that caught Mikey on the button coming in.  Walked right into it.  Broner needs to watch tape on that fight and look for counter opportunities.

See round two of Garcia vs. Martinez here:

Broner will get up and continue after being dropped, but will go into defensive mode and survive.   I wouldn’t be surprised if he got frustrated and fouled. This is a cash out fight for AB.

There have been too many close calls and promises of better things to come from AB.  Each fight we hear “well he’s only 22” or “he’s only 24”.  Well now he’s 28 and it’s time to grow up.  Unfortunately, AB strikes me as fighter who’ll never take the sport as serious as he can and somehow, some way it’ll catch up to him on fight night.

The pick:  I’ll take Mikey Garcia by close, but clear unanimous decision.


I like Big Baby Miller to win a controversial split decision over Gerald Washington.  A knockdown or deduction will be the difference.  Miller is must see TV and as much a character as anyone in boxing.  I hope he wins because he talks a good game and would create great build up against one of the champions.  I see a title shot in 2018 for him if he wins.

I like Jermall Charlo over the lefty Jorge Sebastian Heiland.  Heiland is an active fighter and has some pop.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Charlo took some time to figure him out.  He’s never been stopped, but I think Charlo will be at a level slightly higher than Heiland in this fight.  he’ll win by mercy stoppage in the middle to late rounds.






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