Fresh Faces: Selina “Aztec Queen” Barrios on San Antonio TX




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By Felipe Leon –


In female boxing like in a life, there is long road and a short one.  Many say taking shortcuts in life is not the way to go but in boxing, it just proves how hard you have worked in the past and the talent you bring into the ring.  That happens to be the case for 24 year old Selina Barrios (3-0, 1KO) of San Antonio, Texas.  With only two pro bouts she captured the vacant NABF lightweight title in her third fight this past December 29th against the talented Lisa Porter.


The regional title, her first, came after a long road inside boxing gyms, amateur tournaments and sacrifice that began at the age of nine.  Originally from Racine, Wisconsin, her family, father, mother and younger brother Mario, moved to Texas to be closer to her grandmother.  Once there, her once-amateur fighter father took both she and her brother to a boxing gym.


“Honestly, I liked it,” Barrios said with a smile.  “When I was a kid I was like a tomboy.  I was always wrestling with my brother, always play-fighting with my brother.  When I went to a boxing gym and I saw people actually doing the sport, I liked it.  It was natural for my brother and me, something we actually liked.  We weren’t forced to do it; we wanted to do it ourselves.”


Her brother is super lightweight Mario Barrios (20-0, 12Kos).


Barrios mentioned the fact her brother and her practiced the sport together made them all that much closer.  “Everybody thought we were twins.  We went through everything the same so that made the bond closer between us.”


After a year training, Barrios had her first amateur fight at the age of 10.  At that point she began a career which saw her amass an impressive record of 75 wins against only 4 defeats in the unpaid ranks.  Within that she captured various tournament titles with the biggest being four Ringside World titles, Silver Gloves, Golden Gloves, the Texas Games and Junior Olympics.  Barrios soon saw herself in the 2012 Olympic trials where she beat Top Rank fighter Mikaela Mayer but lost to the #1 ranked Queen Underwood.


“They pretty much had who they want to go to the Olympics already,” Barrios says regarding the politics of the USA Boxing amateur program.  “At that time I wasn’t known, I was barely turning open.  They ended up putting me in with Mikaela Mayer the first night.  She was the favorite to win but I ended up beating her.  The next night I had to fight Queen Underwood who was ranked as #1 at 132 pounds.  They pretty much were throwing all the top dogs at me.  Many of them were getting byes and I was the main one that had to fight.”


Because of the experience Barrios developed a bitter taste towards boxing which saw her leave the sport for the better part of four years.  In between that time Barrios became a mother to a three-year-old little girl.


“The amateurs was all about politics,” Barrios explained.  “Who they want to win they are going to have win regardless.  After that I didn’t even want to box anymore.  After going to the trials and winning the fight but pretty much robbing it from me, I just stopped.  It wasn’t until my brother told me I needed to do something with my boxing if not for me, for my daughter.”


“He was on me every day,” Barrios said of her brother and his push to get her back to boxing.  “He was going to the gym and I was just sitting at home doing nothing.  He’d seen that and pretty much pulled me out of bed and took me to the gym.”  Continue Reading…


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