Daron “Sweet Tay” Williams The Sweetest Of Future Boxing Stars On The Horizon

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Daron “Sweet Tay” Williams The Sweetest Of Future Boxing Stars On The Horizon



Washington, DC (July 10) – If you are looking for boxing’s next star, look no further than Washington, D.C.’s Daron “Sweet Tay” Williams.  With his combination of athleticism, speed, balance, defense, two-fisted KO power, and charisma, “Sweet Tay” Williams is the sweetest of future boxing stars on the horizon.

Williams 7-0 (4 KO’s) turned pro in 2015 winning his debut with an impressive first-round TKO of previously unbeaten Christian Juneau.  Williams, a fluid southpaw, displayed electrifying power in both hands dropping Juneau three times in the first round starting with a right hook bomb that crumbled Juneau, then a left hand slammed Juneau to the canvas, and finally, another right hook ended the fight in round one.

Team Williams taps into some of the most successful minds in boxing history and is guided by Leonard Promotions.


Photo Credits To Leonard Promotions

Unlike many of today’s stars, Williams fought his pro debut and his first five fights 2,333 miles outside the comfort of his hometown fans.  In his sixth professional bout, Williams fought outside of Washington, D.C. in Springfield, VA delivering a scintillating first-round KO of veteran Marquis Pierce.

With all of the social media buzz, YouTube highlights, and legendary tales being told, Williams finally returned home to Washington, D.C. on June 30th and lived up to all of his hype.  Williams put on a four-round performance, which highlighted his unbelievable package of athleticism, speed, balance, defense, two-fisted power, poise, and charisma, as he dismantled a good veteran with a winning record in Marco Antonio Mendoza Chico 11-8-1 (7 KO’s) of Mexico City.


Photo Credit To Daniel Cork/Blue Corner Photo

D.C. boxing fans, who shunned Deron “Sweet Tay” Williams and brushed him off for talks about Gary Russell Jr. and Baltimore, MD’s Gervontaa Davis in the Featherweight division, should start to take notice because the sweetest of future boxing stars on the horizon is in your backyard and he goes by the name Deron “Sweet Tay” Williams.