Michael Williams Jr. Survives Two Knockdowns To Win WBF Gold Title


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Michael Williams Jr.  Survives Two Knockdowns To Win WBF Gold Title


Michael Williams Jr.  Survives Two Knockdowns By A very Determined LaShawn Alcocks To Win A WBF Gold Title At J.S.  Dorton Arena In Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, NC (February 9) – Team Williams Jr. told anyone who would listen that LaShawn Alcocks’ record did not reflect how good a fighter Alcocks is and Michael Williams Jr. was in for the fight of his young career.  Team Williams Jr. was right, and Michael Williams Jr. had to dig deep to survive two knockdowns to win the WBF Gold Welterweight title.


The Williams Jr. Alcocks’ fight started at a slow pace as Williams established his jab and kept the action in the center of the ring.  In the second round, Williams Jr. was more aggressive doubling up his jab and landing a range finder of a right hand.


At the bell to end round two, Williams Jr. landed a sweeping left hook on the head of Alcocks.  Alcocks stumbled, slid, and touched his glove on the canvas, but referee Al Coley ruled it a slip.


Round three saw both fighters open up and be more aggressive.  Williams Jr. mixed up his attack and pressed the action landing his jab effectively to the head and body of Alcocks.  Williams Jr. also started throwing and landing his right hand more.  Alcocks pressed forward pawing and throwing hard right hands and with ten seconds left in the round, Alcocks and Williams Jr. stood toe to toe exchanging punches when Alcocks landed a right-hand on Williams Jr. chin causing a flash knockdown to end the round.   The crowd was in a frenzy and the action in the fight was just getting started.


The flash knockdown made Williams Jr. more aggressive.  Williams Jr. controlled the fight by aggressively jabbing, landing a right hand, moving, and forcing Alcocks to the center of the ring.  Alcocks pressed forward but was only able to occasionally land a right hand and stiff left jab, which moved the young Williams Jr.  Williams Jr. seemed to have the advantage in rounds four, five, six, and seven.


In round eight, both fighters came out smoking with punches.  Williams Jr. landed some big right hands early, but Alcocks kept fighting back.  The warriors stood toe to toe and had a massive exchange. Alcocks moved back towards the ropes and Williams Jr, seemingly in control, stalked with his left hand held low.  Alcocks unloaded a right hand which caught Williams Jr. flush on the chin and dropped Williams Jr. straight on his back.  Williams Jr. was down for the second time in the fight and looked like he wasn’t going to finish.  The young warrior quickly picked himself up and took a shaky standing eight from referee Coley.  Williams Jr. stood and fought back moving back to the center of the ring and out of harm’s way as Alcocks pressed to end the fight in dramatic fashion.  The bell sounded and Williams Jr. showed the poise of an old, crafty vet as he found a way to survive the final onslaught from a game Alcocks to win the WBF Gold Welterweight title and retain the WBF Silver title by unanimous decision with scores of 77-74, 76-74, 77-74.  Williams Improved to 9-0 (6 KO’s) and Alcocks’ record falls to 1-4.