Eubank vs. Korbov Post Fight Quotes


“I felt like I was about to get my swagger on.  He just turned around and stopped  I was going to go jump on him.  I guess something happened with his shoulder.

“I mean, there’s nothing to take from the fight.  I threw like three or four punches.  I was just warming up.

“I’m the winner, I’m going to move forward and challenge for these belts.  This wasn’t my dream.  My dream was to come here to America and make a statement.

“Now that I’ve landed, I settled with the new promotional team.  Now I feel I can get the ball rolling for an active 2020.  It’s a shame it had to start like this but it is what it is.”



“I was trying to throw the left hand straight, and I just felt the muscle immediately, like I pulled it. It was a lot of pain right away. I couldn’t fight with just one arm, especially being a southpaw.”