Charlo vs. Hogan Post Fight Quotes

““I made it through 2019 and we’re going to 2020 with 20/20 vision.  Shout out to Dennis Hogan for giving me real competition and for coming up to fight me.


“Of course my power prevailed tonight.  Lion’s Only, we’re 30-0. 


“We’ve been working on that (the uppercut).  I try to take him out with every punch and we work hard for it.  He got up and he fought like a champion. 


“Ronnie (Shields) told me to cut him off. I just threw the shot and I made sure I threw it right on the money.


“The middleweight division is wide open.  I’m the WBC Champion.  I’m going to enjoy this and spend time with my team.  I’m here to fight whoever.  You have to make the right decisions and do it at the right time.  That’s what it’s all about.”


“I wanted to keep going but the decision was fair enough by the referee.
“I didn’t see the punch coming on the second knockdown. I was trying to keep boxing him but then all of a sudden I was on the ground and the fight was over.
“I’m looking forward to spending the Christmas holiday with my family, taking a month off, and then we’ll work on what’s next for me.”