Melson to assist Gloves and Doves Boxing Team in Israel

Melson to assist Gloves and Doves Boxing Team in Israel

For Immediate Release
Brooklyn, NY (February 4, 2020) – Retired boxer and Army Public Affairs Officer Maj. Boyd Melson will lend a helping hand to the Gloves and Doves Boxing Team.
Founded by retired boxer Tony Milch, Gloves and Doves is a team made up of Jews, Christians and Muslims from Israel. All boxers, male and female, are selected compete as a member of the team. Despite notable cultural differences, Gloves and Doves promotes peace in the Middle East through boxing. Gloves and Doves also has a youth program for teens ages 14-17.
Melson is headed to Israel for a week in early March and along with Milch, will visit boxing gyms in more than five Israeli cities.
“The world needs to witness Gloves and Doves,” said Melson, who retired in 2016 with a 15-2-1 record and raised more than $400,000 for spinal cord injury research by donating 100% of his fight purses. “Exposure is the key to helping human beings that have preset notions they blanket another group with, evolve through those preset notions and learn what is real. Just imagine the world witnessing these optics – Jews, Christians and Muslims, standing side by side as teammates fighting a common opponent – a real-life optic that is beyond value.”
The team begins competition April 2 in London against Team England and will travel to various international tournaments including October 17 at Gleason’s Gym in Melson’s native Brooklyn, NY.
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