Porter: ‘I was two steps ahead of Spence Jr entire fight’

Story by Allan Fox:

Shawn Porter maintains that he was two steps ahead of Errol Spence Jr. last September in their fight on FOX Sports pay-pay-per-view, and he believes that he should have won the battle. Porter thinks that he gave Spence a boxing lesson in the match, and he feels proud about his performance he put in during the fight.

Unfortunately for Porter, not all of the judges didn’t recognize his mastery of Spence as they gave him the victory by a 12 round split decision. The scores were 116-111, 116-111 for Spence, and 115-112 for Porter.

Porter, 32, fought well in the first eight rounds, but he gassed out in the championship rounds from 9 through 12, and Spence took control of the fight. The body attack that Spence put in paid dividends in the last quarter of the battle, given that Porter looked haggard, and he wasn’t able to fight with the same intensity that he had earlier.

In the 11th, Spence knocked Porter down with left hook to the jaw that had him badly hurt. From that point on, Spence controlled the remainder of the fight with his pressure and hard body shots.

Spence fight was the biggest challenge for Porter

“‘Why do they keep underestimating you in the ring?’ I’ll tell you why. Looks can be deceiving, and I’m just different,” said Porter in responding to a question on social media. “A lot of things about me that’s different are things inside, and I don’t think those are things you can measure.

“So I think because people can’t measure those things, they go by what they see. I think people recognize in boxing my intelligence and my intuition and my intuition that I use in the boxing ring, my reflexes, and my stamina. All those things you can’t measure, you can’t gauge, and you can’t say who has more or less of it until it happens.

“For instance, my fight with Errol Spence Jr. I think a lot of people thought he was the guy that was going to put me out. First of all, let me say he’s one of the great fighters. He just knows what to do, how to do it, and can really get down in the ring. But I knew some things about myself that not many people know.

“I think one thing about me is I love challenges. I thrive on challenges. When that fight was made between myself and Errol Spence, I took it as the biggest challenge there could be, and for me, I look at the big things and the small things,” said Porter.

The Spence clash was the toughest fight of Porter’ career by far. Though Porter had lost twice in the past against Kell Brook and Keith Thurman, no one had stood and slugged with him the way Spence did. Brook and Thurman both stayed on the outside and boxed Porter to beat him by decision. They didn’t keep in close and slug with him the way Spence did.