Press Release: Quarantined Boxing Alert – C Sports & Entertainment Will Replay Some Of Best Fights From North Carolina

***For Immediate Release***

C Sports & Entertainment To Provide Quarantined Boxing Entertainment 


C Sports & Entertainment Will Replay Some Of The Best Fights From North Carolina On The CSE Platform


With no live sporting events scheduled for the near future, C Sports & Entertainment is providing quarantined boxing entertainment

C Sports & Entertainment (CSE TV) will replay some of the best fights from North Carolina on the C Sports & Entertainment (CSE TV) Facebook platform @CSELIVETV starting with the fan nominated 2019 North Carolina Fight of the year featuring Michael Williams Jr and LaShawn Alcocks


CSE TV Will Replay The Most Significant Fights In North Carolina Boxing History

On Friday, May 15, 2020, 8 PM EST – CSE TV kicks off replays of the most significant fights in North Carolina Boxing History

  • 8 PM EST – May 15 – Replay of 2019 North Carolina Fight of the Year
  • Fan-Voted NC FOY Michael Williams Jr vs LaShawn Alcocks Kicks off series of replays
  • Begins May 15 on CSE TV platforms – Remember to Like the C Sports & Entertainment Facebook Page @CSELIVETV to watch replays, get more info, and schedule of upcoming replays



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