2020 Nitro Pro National Hillclimb – 3 Days of Action are coming to FITE PPV: June 26-28th

One more member will be added to the motorsports family on FITE –

2020 Nitro National Pro Hillclimb

This will be the first NAHA Pro Hillclimb series this year  and that’s why the event will be held over three days! 3 wild days of the world’s most technical motorcycle hill climbing! June 26th, June 27th, June 28th – the events are full of 450 series, 700 series, X climb and open series racing! Three days filled with excitement and adrenaline!


**Live from Columbus, Montana** Check out the cool promo HERE


Order separate days or buy the 3-pack and save!!

Click the links below for prices and start times:

Friday, June 26th – see each day’s page for exact events

Saturday, June 27th

Sunday, June 28th

3-Day Package—best value—June 26, 27, 28!


Exclusively on FITE – available worldwide – PPV purchase includes unlimited replays!


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