ūüĒĶ¬†Weigh-In Photos/Results: Pedraza vs. Molina & Efe Ajagba-Jonnie Rice


(Photo Credit: Mikey Williams / Top Rank)

(Courtesy: Top Rank/For TV Use Only)

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‚Äʬ† ¬† ¬†Jos√©¬†Pedraza¬†141.5¬†lbs¬†vs. Javier Molina¬†141.7¬†lbs¬†
(Junior Welterweight¬†‚ÄĒ 10¬†Rounds)
‚Äʬ† ¬† Efe Ajagba¬†242.3¬†lbs¬†vs. Jonnie Rice 265.4¬†lbs¬†
(Heavyweight ‚ÄĒ 10¬†Rounds)

‚Äʬ† ¬† ¬† ¬† Robeisy Ram√≠rez¬†125.9¬†lbs¬†vs. F√©lix Caraballo¬†125.7¬†lbs¬†
(Featherweight¬†‚ÄĒ 8¬†Rounds)

‚Äʬ† ¬† ¬† Leo Ruiz 151.4¬†lbs¬†vs. Rodrigo Solis¬†151.4¬†lbs¬†
(Jr. Middleweight¬†‚ÄĒ 6¬†Rounds)

‚Äʬ† ¬† ¬†Christian Montano167.3¬†lbs¬†vs. Ryan Adams¬†165.5¬†lbs¬†
(Super Middleweight‚ÄĒ 6¬†Rounds)

‚Äʬ† ¬† Bryan Lua¬†134.5¬†lbs¬†vs. Luis Norambuena¬†134¬†lbs¬†
(Lightweight ‚ÄĒ 4¬†Rounds)

‚Äʬ† ¬† Jahi Tucker¬†143.6¬†lbs¬†vs. Deandre Anderson¬†147.1¬†lbs¬†
(Welterweight‚ÄĒ 4¬†Rounds)

‚Äʬ† ¬†Kasir Goldston¬†142.8¬†lbs¬†vs. Isaiah Varnell¬†142.8¬†lbs¬†
(Welterweight‚ÄĒ 4¬†Rounds)

‚Äʬ† ¬†Frevian Gonzalez¬†131.8¬†lbs¬†vs. Carlos Marrero¬†131.1¬†lbs¬†
(Jr. Lightweight‚ÄĒ 4¬†Rounds)

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