How to Reverse Tooth Decay

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Written by Dyami Millarson

Underlying tooth decay, there is a constant battle between demineralisation and mineralisation (*1). Dental caries may simply be defined as the cumulative result of the cyclical ebbs and flows of demineralisation and mineralisation (*2, *3). Remineralisation is the term used for the normal daily process whereby the teeth, namely the enamel and dentin, are repaired from demineralisation (*4). Enamel is the material that covers the outside layer of the teeth above the crown (*5). It is one of the most mineralised and hardest parts of the human body (*6). Enamel is a composite of both organic and inorganic components, and the same is the case for dentin (*1). So far we have spoken about enamel, but we ought to treat dentin in more detail as well: although enamel is the hard dental tissue…

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